Friday, August 11, 2017

"Man Who Tried to Cram 6 Dates Into One Night Says He's Just 'Looking for Love'"

Via Drudge: A 28-year-old man from Washington D.C. is coming forward after he was caught red-handed coordinating dates with six different women in the same night, back-to-back.

Justin, a project manager, spoke with Inside Edition and explained his strategy.

“I’m looking for love,” he said.

This all started last week when Lisette Pylant, girl number one, went on a date with Justin at Truxton Inn.

“Towards what I guess what would have been the end of our date, his second date shows up and he introduces me to her as his friend,” Lisette told Inside Edition.

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Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

All the women got together for a laugh and became fast friends, and he went home alone.

edutcher said...

What he was looking for and what he got are 2 different things.

Lem said...

Could what this guy did be called staking the deck?

Given how things are today, tinder and what not... can you blame a guy for attempting to improve his odds?

Maybe six was too much.

Leland said...

I can't imagine having to talk to 6 women in one night, individually. Assuming drinks for each, yourself, and maybe an appetizer or two through out the night; I think an escort would have been cheaper and more guaranteed.

Methadras said...

This man is playing a dangerous game. I'm not sure why guys do this and what they are trying to prove. It almost never ends well.

edutcher said...

Lem said...

Could what this guy did be called staking the deck?

Staking or stacking?

Not unlike the gag:

Let's Eat Mom.

Let's Eat, Mom.

Commas make a big difference.

ricpic said...

Who says men can't multitask?

Sixty Grit said...

Only 6? Lightweight.