Friday, August 11, 2017

Bolton and his mustache beat the drums for war.

John Bolton: U.S. Should Suggest to China the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula August 8, 2017 by John Hayward

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton proposed reunification as the solution to the North Korean nuclear missile crisis on Friday’sBreitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

Bolton said President Trump has “made it clear that this is a different president than the one that North Korea and China have faced for the last eight years.”
“I don’t think people should underestimate the importance of making that distinction,” he advised. “We in America see great differences among our various presidents. A lot of foreigners don’t see the differences that we see. For many years, people have talked about all options being on the table, to the point where it’s just like a verbal tic. Nobody pays any attention to it. I think to get China’s attention in particular, tough talk has been warranted.”
“Now, I do think there’s a limit to it,” he added. “I think it’s very important as well that the president understands that as he makes these kinds of remarks, it gets harder and harder to back away from a very tough stance without risking grave damage to his credibility.”

“Nobody wants to see the military option employed, but the choice that Americans face is very stark,” Bolton warned. “This is a crisis we’re in, and the choice is: Are you prepared from now until infinity to see North Korea have the capability to hit targets in the United States with nuclear weapons? Because if we allow things to proceed as they are, that’s what is going to happen.”
“No amount of negotiation is going to talk North Korea out of it. We’ve tried that, mistakenly in my view, for 25 years. It’s failed. That’s why we’re in the position we are in now. Either we do something dramatically different diplomatically – my proposal is to convince China to reunite the Korean Peninsula – then you’re down to military action. Nobody wants it, but nobody wants to be in the position Trump finds himself in after 25 years of failure,” he said.
(Grave dangers to his credibility? What about his campaign promises to end the endless wars and stop putting our people at risk? Pakistan has nuclear bombs for decades and they are full of Muslim fanatics. Why don't we bomb them?
Why do we get to structure the government of Korea? Why do we have to broker and force the birth of a new nation?
Why is the public position of the United States and the so called superpower status more important then the potential death of millions....yes.....millions of people? When will it ever end?)


edutcher said...

No, but he is saying we and the Red Chinese have an interest in stability on the peninsula.

He's talking engagement over common interest, not war.

The Reds have as big a headache in the Norks as we do, but his point that the Demos have let the Kims run unchecked is certainly valid.

Chip Ahoy said...

Different president than the last eight years.

Why understate it?

This is a different president from Clinton, from Bush, From Obama. That's 24 years relevant years right there. While Trump is actually different from all preceding presidents.

Have a look at Trump's press conference today. He held two today, I think. And it's a great switch in itself to dispense with the customary strained setup of podium, presidential seal, and two flanking American flags, and carefully crafted speeches and tightly controlled q/a, and instead just a sit down with prepared notes and direct off the cuff responses to relevant questions and dismissing non relevant ones.

He talks about economic advances. He talks about his apprenticeship program. He inserts the appropriate buzzwords, STEM programs, minorities and under represented women in those areas. It's masterful. With no need of superstructural support buttressing a spineless slippery flopping personality. He knows whereof he speaks. From his own notes, from his own heart. No snobbish looking nose in the air switching back and forth from dueling teleprompters. Nothing faked.

Allow a c/p from a commenter asking Sundance a question, and Sundance's answer from this page.

Q: So are you saying that the US accepts the fact that NK will possess ICBMs capable of delivering nuclear weapons onto CONUS until such time as we defeat China in some economic engagement of indeterminate length which will cause China to do what with NK? Are you saying the US does not have a military approach to stop nuclear proliferation by pariah states? And if we accept the fact of a nuclear-capable NK with the means to strike the US homeland, what does that do to the prospects of Iran, with NK assistance, rushing to complete their systems?

A: No. I’m saying that China controls the DPRK and when Trump defeats China on the economic issues, China will save face by giving up DPRK’s nukes in order to get a better trade/economic outcome.

The defeat of North Korea’s nukes doesn’t come by confronting North Korean nukes; it comes from China giving them up because their economic survival is dependent on it.

China saves face in defeat by positioning the actual defeat at the feet of Kim Jong-un.

Everything else is chaff and countermeasures.


Chip Ahoy said...

All chaff, all sturm und drang, all noise for the nattering nabobs of negativism.

I must now change the subject to erase all of that and override it with something more useful. Something to help live our lives in peace and prosperity and happiness.

Being given more time extend to me, as pure gravy, has caused me to appreciate nature itself. It's caused to study the same sunrises and marvel at sunsets. I loathe missing any one of them. Things that are immediately available with scant nurturing like plants. All I have to do is plant them and water them and behold the marvel of their expression. Look more closely at the simple things around immediately that you can control simply and think outside the usual ways. Affect people directly.

The food thing is developing to tremendous effect and it's near effortless.

Today I went for a haircut. I have exactly $1.00 in my wallet.

I took a shower, dressed for tight neatness, ordered the largest pizza they make and had the place load it with all sorts of extra things, to be delivered to the barber shop.

Stopped into the bottle shop to use their ATM so I'd have cash for two tips, the pizza guy and the barber.

Had an amazingly open conversation with the hairdresser. Won her over with my naturally occurring charm and unusual manner. She wants to see me again.

The kids at the Floyd's barber are all gorgeous angels and they were thrilled that somebody thought of them. They were excited about getting a pizza. A simple thing as that just flat blew their minds. Apparently nobody does that. Who knew? This whole food gift thing has turned out much better than I had imagined. The kids really dug the whole idea.

I could think of a dozen ways this could go wrong. But instead the whole thing went like clockwork. I watched from the chair while getting a haircut.

Young guy delivers a pizza.
Another young guy barber receptionist passes my tip to the pizza guy.
A dozen hairdressers, some already had lunch, all tripping out about being given a pizza.

The kids then comped my haircut. My haircut was free! I was NOT expecting that. Everybody was please, but mostly me.

And back to quiet meditative prayerful state I find myself immensely grateful for the extra time extended to me. This is what additional time on Earth feels like. I wonder, why couldn't regular time feel like this? Because my attitude hadn't been adjusted for it through crushing hardship, I think.

ricpic said...

Yes, I agree with Chip that Trump is negotiating with China, not with North Korea. Beyond that I know nozzing, nozzing.

I gave up having my hair cut about a year and a half ago. Of course I don't have Chip's way with people so that's part of it. But Hammacher Schlemmer sells a haircutter which is essentially like holding a fat comb in your hand and then just combing your hair with it. Its paid for itself I don't know how many times over but there's also the convenience of a quick trim, five minutes tops, at any time of the day or night. The downside is that sometimes I scalp myself.

I'm not as big on sundowns as I am on sunrises. Mainly for the simple reason that the trees at the back of my property (mah prop'ty) block the sunsets; but I have a great open view of the sunrise from my living room. This June I couldn't sleep, came downstairs at 5 AM and was treated to an effulgent yellow sky at ground level shading to blue-green just under pink tinged clouds, the birth of a June day.

chickelit said...

ricpic wrote: effulgent

What a wonderfully apt word! I've never used it mahself. Thank you.

How long have you had that word in your verbal quiver, waiting to drop it here like flaming arrow?

ricpic said...

Effulgent popped into my head. So I used it. Scout's honor I weren't showin' off. ;^)