Thursday, September 15, 2016


Fifth Grader Kneels in Protest of Pledge of Allegiance

By Katherine Rodriguez Breitbart News September 15, 2016

A Texas fifth grader has decided to kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance at her middle school in protest of the national anthem.
Skyla Madria, 10, said to KVUE that she is protesting “The Star Spangled Banner” by Francis Scott Key because he was a slave owner, and one of the verses in the song that people do not sing refers to slavery.
The verse reads, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave/From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave.”
“When I heard the third verse of the national anthem, I decided that’s not right and he shouldn’t have wrote that,” Madria said to KVUE.
Madria got her inspiration from football player Colin Kaepernick, who recently kneeled during the national anthem in protest.

Madria said she has peacefully protested three times in the past two weeks. But she said she encountered issues with one teacher at Alexander Middle School in Pearland, who was not supportive of her decision to kneel.
Madria said the teacher yelled at her and asked her to stand up for the Pledge in respect for the flag. When she failed to do so, the teacher sent her to the principal’s office.
“The principal called my mother and called me disgusting for not standing up,” Madria said.
Her mother fully supported her actions and called local activist Quannel X to defend her against the school’s actions.
“Why would we ask any African American child or citizen to stand up and honor a flag with an anthem written by a slave owner who promised nothing but turmoil to blacks to the grave?” Quannel X said to KVUE.
A spokesperson for Pearland ISD said that students do not sing the national anthem at school. They do, however, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge, as well as observe a moment of silence.
After a fight with the school district that made it all the way up to the superintendent, Pearland ISD said it will allow Madria to kneel for the Pledge with her mother’s written consent.



Trooper York said...

These are the same people who don't believe in our Constitution because it was written by slave holders.

They won't even use money because they have the portraits of slaveholders on it.

Luckily it doesn't matter because they have an EBT card so they don't have to worry about getting their Kools and Ring Dings.

rcocean said...

If blacks don't want to obey the constitution because it was written by slave owners, then maybe black Americans and the rest of us need to part ways.

Its funny that if blacks really wanted to go back to Africa and demanded some money to do it, whites would pony up the dough in 2 seconds.

But strangely, blacks never want to leave. In fact, they get damn upset if you suggest they might be happier in Africa. Meanwhile, Africa is full of blacks who would kill to live in the USA.

But for some reason, they want to stay in AmeriKKKa and suffer.

bagoh20 said...

At least they don't want to burn it down. Besides, I thought respect for The Constitution was dead anyway.

AprilApple said...

Our Democrat-Government run schools, are crap.

If we taught history, perhaps we would know more about slavery. It's ugly, but see -we abolished it. I know, actually, we really didn't. We replaced it with slavery of the mind. It's called "Bureaucrat Union government run public schools."

AprilApple said...

Francis Scott Key

Slavery and American Colonization Society

Key purchased his first slave in 1800 or 1801 and owned six slaves in 1820.[14] Mostly in the 1830s, Key manumitted (set free) seven slaves, one of whom (Clem Johnson) continued to work for him for wages as his farm's foreman, supervising several slaves.[15]

Throughout his career Key also represented several slaves seeking their freedom in court (for free), as well as several masters seeking return of their runaway human property.[16][17] Key, Judge William Leigh of Halifax, and bishop William Meade were administrators of the will of their friend John Randolph of Roanoke, who died without children and left a will directing his executors to free his more than four hundred slaves. Over the next decade, beginning in 1833, the administrators fought to enforce the will and provide the freed slaves land to support themselves.[18]

Key publicly criticized slavery's cruelties, so much that after his death a newspaper editorial stated "So actively hostile was he to the peculiar institution that he was called 'The Nigger Lawyer' .... because he often volunteered to defend the downtrodden sons and daughters of Africa. Mr. Key convinced me that slavery was wrong—radically wrong."[19]

Key was a founding member and active leader of the American Colonization Society and its predecessor, the influential Maryland branch, the primary goal of which was to send free African-Americans back to Africa.[16] However, he was removed from the board in 1833 as its policies shifted toward abolitionist.

edutcher said...

This is the parents' doing, like Clock Boy.

AJ Lynch said...

I believe the interpretation of the anthem re slavery has been debunked thoroughly.

rcocean said...

I don't give a damn about Slavery - that ended 150 years ago.

Blacks should be happy that their great-great-grandmother got put on that slave ship, because that's why they're here.

Boomers always love to play the "I Love black folks more than you do". Its seems to a class issue.

rcocean said...

Boomers also love to say "I'm colorblind, I don't see color" i treat everyone the same.

I used to believe that too. But when everyone else sees "color" being "colorblind" is a position for clowns and losers.

edutcher said...

rcocean said...

Boomers always love to play the "I Love black folks more than you do". Its seems to a class issue.

Then it's generational, not class.

But it's not class, either.

It's a Lefty thing, so we're talking ideology or, more accurately, propaganda.

William said...

The Nazi philosophy was not based upon racial superiority but rather racial insecurity. The Germans believed that they were set upon by all sides, kept as a collection of squabbling principalities by the great powers for centuries, and then unfairly blamed for WWI when they tried to claim their place in the sun. Bad things happen when you dwell too much on all the wrongs ever done you and pay no attention to the wrongs you have committed........Several generations after Francis Scott Key, there was a Zulu King who was unduly upset after his mother died. The king ordered all his two thousand wives to commit suicide which they did. Slavery was barbaric and wrong. Lots of barbaric and wrong things have happened and not all of them were connected to slavery or white people.

Chip Ahoy said...

This is where Ed Driscoll will include the Jon Gabriel tweet. "My favorite part about the Obama era ..."

rcocean said...

"The Nazi philosophy was not based upon racial superiority but rather racial insecurity."

Nazi's have nothing to do with us Americans. the only thing we had to do with Nutzi's is eliminating them.

Synova said...

That is not what that verse is about. A fifth grader might be excused from understanding the symbolic use of the word "slave" to refer to British soldiers and "hireling" to mercenaries. All of the adults in her life are without excuse.