Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chris Hardwick

What is the problem fitting this guy in a suit?

I like Chris Hardwick, a lot. He's a philosopher, actually, and he has a lot going on. Funny besides.  I like everything about him. And that's why it pains me to see him so uncomfortable in his suits. I know he can be fitted better than we see him so what's going on?

My first impression was, Jesus, this guy looks like PeeWee Herman fitted too tightly on purpose so his socks show and he looks completely pulled in and constrained by his suit,  but that turns out to be wrong. PeeWee Herman's suits actually fit better than Chris Hardwick's and they're both animated.  Will somebody please get this guy a new tailor? Is it a thing done on purpose? For comedy? Am I being punked again?

Here is one of the Xfinity commercials that makes me cringe whenever I see them. Turn off the sound to avoid the commercial. No point in running an ad for them here. I'm showing what gets me worked up.

I realize his whole schtick is being a comedic nerd, so a PeeWee Hermanesque look is appropriate for that, but I'm not so certain that is what Xfinity is going for even with his  non groomed hair.

He looks okay until he moves. Then lines appear tugging in all directions that makes him look like he's being tortured by his clothes.

Google images.[PeeWee Herman]

Below are ads for well fitted suits with some comparative movement. They both have the fabric pulled by natural movement but they both don't make the wearer appear as if they're comically tortuously misfitted. Whereas with Chris Hardwick and PeeWee Herman they both look like they cannot wait to tear off their uncomfortable suits soon as the shooting is finished, while the two below look comfortable in their clothes. 


Methadras said...

it looks like he had to be shoehorned into his suit and it's binding him up.

Adamsunderground said...

Hardwick's a POS. He couldn't manage to contain his smugness for only a few minutes as a guest on Carolla's podcast. There are alot of social climbers running around now, claiming to be nerds because they have a primary hobby outside sports or fashion. Fuck them, and fuck you, Becky!

Chip Ahoy said...

YouTube Chris Hardwick on the Adam Carolla Podcast

That's hilarious! (both complaining about encounters with fans insisting they do what they do on stage the exact way they do in their act, then insist on taking pictures etc.)

That cannot be it.

Maybe this Adam & Drew Show Hour long.

Warwick is actually rather humble. It's all about podcasts themselves, about how they've developed, what happened along the way. Most comments are provoked by Carolla.

In fact, this is one of the subjects that Carolla answers from a caller about how he responds when someone says that celebrity he knows is a dick.

That cannot be it.

[+"chris warwick" +becky] ?

I give up. Smugness not detected. All I heard was funny takes on unexpected experiences. He talks about enjoying his podcast for the people he meets. His nerd angle because that's closest to himself, of the impossibility of faking anything that he's not actually expert on. "Ican't rift on sports. It'd be too much work." I liked that. He remarked how Carolla's garage grew and grew, how they reinvested earnings from podcasts into studios, without actually wanting to become the man.

Philosophically, he drives the point in nature there are two states of organisms, living and growing, or dying. Carolla provoked his remark by the example of the garage mechanic who's had the same care for 30 years continually working on the same car. I thought that was excellent.

These two podcasts made me like him even more. Odd hearing another opinion.

While I still think his tailoring must be a joke. (The other ads are worse than the one I showed but the clips are shorter.) Because in some he looks too buff, like ill fitted Schwarzenegger, and that simply cannot be the case, standing with arms crossed and so forth. The sleeves are way too tight and the armpits cut with insufficient room. He's made to look like a nerd on purpose, IMHO.

Adamsunderground said...

Carolla's archives are available only by subscription, so complete episodes are not at hand. I forgot to fill out the renewal application for artistic license.