Monday, September 12, 2016

The concern trolls are out in full force

The concern trolls are out telling Trump not to talk about Hillary's Bataan Death March on 911. They are telling him how he will lose votes by pointing out that she is too sick to run for President. You see they don't want him to use something that will help him win. It is just like Nancy Pelosi asking that Congressional Republicans not use information from their hacked emails to help them win elections.

Now it might be smart for Trump to not personally do this. Maybe even to stop his surrogates. But what I would do is do everything to show the contrast.  Ask where is Hillary? Is she sick? Make sure that they have to stand up during the debates with no breaks. Go out on the trail and make the contrast. Because this fall is just the first of many. Put the pressure on her and don't back off. Ask the questions of the press about why they don't ask the questions. Ask why she can't have another press conference without coughing up  a lung. Lay the wood to them. Don't back off. Don't be a gentleman. Don't be nice. Don't be polite. Push it till she strokes out.

Strike while the iron is hot. She can't take it. She always collapses. Make sure someone is following her and taping her at all times. Because if that guy didn't film it with his cellphone  they would deny everything and the press would cover it up.


Dust Bunny Queen said...

Now it might be smart for Trump to not personally do this. Maybe even to stop his surrogates. But what I would do is do everything to show the contrast.

Exactly. So far Trump and his people have been playing this smart. Not dog-piling onto the old blister (Hillary) while she is down. Merely remarking that she seems to be not well and hope she gets better so we can continue one. The candidate and campaign are doing the right thing by stepping back at this time.

However, the rest of us deplorable and irredeemable Munchkins can point out the obvious. Make fun of the Wicked Witch. Photoshop the living Hell out of her. The weekend in Bernie theme is hilarious and right on.

The concern trolls can go suck it. They can't tell US what to do.

edutcher said...

The best one I've heard is that it would be sexist to talk about it because he'd lose all those women he's alienated (last split I heard was 40 - 36, so it's bad for the Beast, not him).

I would just have him be a gentleman and a Christian and ask the people at every rally he has to please pray for that poor old lady that her ill health ends as soon as possible.

Sixty Grit said...

This is not the first of many, rather, the latest in a long line stretching back over 5 years. She falls down and goes boom frequently - her brain damage fall, the face plant getting onto an airplane, a "fainting spell" while giving a speech - she is to falling down what Biden is to creeping on young girls.

edutcher said...

oopsy, what the concern trolls warn us about is what they're afraid we will do.

PS Fox Biz is asserting the Ozark Mafia broke protocol when it ditched a trip to the hospital to hide Frumpty's medical condition.

I'm asking if that might not be illegal.

Methadras said...

Fine. Let Trump stay mum on the issue but his supporters will take up the torch to burn the witch.

edutcher said...

Just keep riffing off Lomax, as Troop did.

As Uncle Saul taught us, ridicule is the most potent weapon in the arsenal.

Rhythm and Balls said...

He might emphasize the "What's really wrong with her?" part. But he could also emphasize the whole lying and cover-up part.

Rhythm and Balls said...

The weekend in Bernie theme is hilarious and right on.

Hmmmm..... I wonder where it came from?

Bonus points for photoshopping the heads of her big black bodyguard and Huma or Huma-ever else is propping her up with the two people alongside Bernie.

rcocean said...

Trump nor any high level (R) should attack her. Stay above the fray.

But everyone else should. The weekend with Bernie's cartoon was funny. We need more like that.

Its amazing that we have to worry about voters so stupid they would elect a President out of pity. "Oh, those mean Republicans made fun of Hillary - guess I'll vote for her."

'cause that's who need as President. An old sick woman, who can barely get out of bed to make a speech or talk to voters.

In fact, I wish I had an old sick woman like Hillary arguing my lawsuit, flying my airplane or performing my surgery. Just to show all those meanies.

rcocean said...

"I would just have him be a gentleman and a Christian and ask the people at every rally he has to please pray for that poor old lady that her ill health ends as soon as possible.'

Exactly. That's the kind of crap people eat up.

bagoh20 said...

The Dems would never use any similar weakness of Trump against him. They just don't do that kind of thing. They are fair and compassionate people willing to lose rather than go there. Good folks all around.

edutcher said...

Here's another ploy. Go back to the "basket of deplorables" crack - Frumpty's own bitter clinger.

Trump invites about a dozen people on stage to talk about how they take being called deplorable.

One guy even made an "I'm Deplorable" T-shirt.

Synova said...

The "pushing yourself until you keel over proves she's super tough" thing is a bit humorous, too.

Trump could always schedule an in person debate with Johnson. That's a risk, of course, but a great deal could be made of how Hillary was invited and didn't show up, because you know she wouldn't. I'd really really like to see Johnson in debates. It's the right thing to do. It would shift the focus to policy. But I can't see any upside to Trump *or* Hillary in having Johnson at a debate. Except if Hillary doesn't show up. It might be worth it.

Adamsunderground said...

Little owlet in the glen,
I'm ashamed of you;
You are ungrammatical In speaking as you do.
You should say, "To Huma! to Huma!" Not, "To who! to who will Hillary leave her millions?!

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

While I think it was smart how Trump handled the health issue with Hillary (measured, presidential, but not letting her off the hook), the rest of us should be going nuts on the issue. And yes Trump should push her to the breaking point (and beyond).

But here is an example where the Trump campaign fell into a trap. Wolf Blitzer asked Pence to call David Duke "deplorable." Pence only went half way: What he should have said is "Actually Wolf, I find you deplorable." Then he could point out that people see David Duke coming 1,000 miles away, but Wolf is pretending to be "objective" while actually acting as a partisan member of the Clinton Campaign. Wolf is dishonest, just like Hillary Clinton is dishonest. Then challenge Wolf why the Clinton News Network actively helps Hillary (and in fact any Democrat running) and works against all Republican candidates. Remind Wolf how he was coofing Hillary celebratory champaign at the DNC.

Chip Ahoy said...

REDDIT (The height of political commentary)

* Mike Pence REFUSED to call David Duke Deplorable on CNN right now!!

* The Onion: Pneumonia Virus Terrified After Remembering What Clintons Cabable Of

* Hillary Clinton: Thanks to everyone who’s reached out with well wishes! I’m feeling fine and getting better. Like anyone who’s ever been home sick from work, I’m just anxious to get back out there. See you on the trail soon. -H

* John Kerry on 2004 run: "I remember on the bus in Iowa, my staff thought I'd broken a rib from coughing because my walking pneumonia was so bad."
* Hillary Clinton on Twitter: "If you won’t say the KKK is deplorable, you have no business running the country."

* How my neighborhood gay bar is managing parking during Trump visit in Asheville, NC *orange pylon with sign saying $20.00 for parking, money goes to Hillary campaign.

* N.Y. Times editor: I'd risk jail to publish Donald Trump's taxes

* (satire) Gary Johnson On Clinton: “Everyone Gets Sick. I Recently Had Aleppo”

* Pence Refuses to Call David Duke "Deplorable"

* John Kerry Had Walking Pneumonia Too - Good Thing for Him He Wasn't a Woman

* David Axelrod on Twitter: Transparency works BOTH ways, @KellyannePolls! Where r @realDonaldTrump tax returns? Health records? Secret plans?

* PPP NV Poll. Hillary +3

* Donald Trump just did an interview that should shock us- but we're numb.

* Debra Messing on Twitter: Trump says calling white supremacist deplorable shud disqualify her. What a joke. He called Mexicans rapists-not CLOSE to equivalent

* This is a list of things Trump said in one interview on CNBC this morning.

* [Michael Cohen, Boston Globe] ...not telling the world you have pneumonia is nowhere to the same thing as running on platform of nativism, racism & white nationalism

* Pence declines to call David Duke 'deplorable'

* Joan Walsh - A Lot of Trump Supporters Are Deplorable—and a Lot of the Media Are Too

* Jenna Johnson (WAPO) on Twitter: On CNBC, Donald Trump casually calls Sen. Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" while discussing interest rates.

* LinkedIn Founder Offers $5 Million for Trump'€™s Tax Returns.

* Ta-Nehisi Coates Roasts The Media Reaction To Hillary Telling The Truth About "Basket Of Deplorables"

* Here he goes again. "Trump protests format for presidential debates"

* BREAKING - Absolutely deplorable - Violence at Trump Rally

* Dan Merica on Twitter: HRC says doctor told her to rest five days on Fri. She opted to attend three funders, a nat sec meeting, two intvs & 9/11 memorial.

I cannot describe what this does to my spirit and the measures I must take rebuke it and refocus my attention off from the resolute dopes in this country and onto the good things in life. It's too short, too precious to give them anymore of my energy.

My energy is for me, not for thee.

Here, watch me make a peach pie. Without any recipe, I'll just put in it the things that I like, as proper pies should be. I think I'll a few tablespoons of peach liqueur just to see what that does. Invented by cheerful people. My type of people. Positive people with minds that are opened and not closed, not blind to their own shortcomings and sensitive to their own errors repeated. Mmmmm, pies.

With ice cream.

edutcher said...

Trump has now suggested no debate moderators.

Strike while the iron is hot.

windbag said...

Rumors of Parkinson's are floating about. If true, Hillary's disappearing act the past few months make sense. Also, if true, and if they have to finally admit to a medical condition, expect a tearful interview with Andrea Mitchell or Katie Couric, complete with the breathtaking observation of how courageous Hillary is to reveal such a private thing. And, expect the media to criticize anyone who would question her ability to perform the duties of POTUS with such a condition, labeling them haters and ill-informed cretins for picking on someone with a disease.

Whether or not Hillary has Parkinson's, she isn't sharp, and Trump should be preparing to rip her to shreds in the debates. She's easily confused and her instinctive reaction to confrontation is to lie, so he should attack with multiple charges, as many facts as he can cram into a sentence, and with as wide a range of topics as possible. She simply can't process fast enough, and she'll collapse. The MSM will do its dead-level best to spin it, but if Donald can rattle her cage, it'll be very public and very damaging.

MamaM said...

Pence only went half way: What he should have said is "Actually Wolf, I find you deplorable."

Amen to that well placed hoof.

What I find deplorable are the people who believe sagging like dead weight while being unable to move one's legs and feet to the point where they drag along behind one's body as it's being forcefully held up and propelled forward, is a form of "stumbling".

Hillary didn't stumble. To say that she did is a deplorable misrepresentation of the truth.

Titus said...

Hi Mamam.

how r u?

kiss kiss.

MamaM said...

how r u?

Clear on what's deplorable about calling Hillary's loss of bodily control a stumble.

How 'bout yourself?

Was it mention of the word "deplorable" or the phrase "misrepresentation of truth" that brought you sniffing around?