Monday, September 12, 2016

"Fla. teen ‘Dr. Love’ arrested at Virginia car dealership"

"The Florida teenager arrested in February accused of pretending to be a doctor and stealing money from an elderly patient was arrested again Friday at a Virginia car dealership."
Employees at Kargar Motors Car Dealership in Stafford grew suspicious when 19-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson and an elderly woman attempted to buy a Jaguar for $35,000.

Workers Googled Love-Robinson's name after he completed an online credit application and listed the woman as a co-signer on the credit application.

After they learned more about Love-Robinson's past -- those workers called investigators.

"The employees became more concerned because they felt Love-Robinson may be trying to fraudulently obtain the Jaguar and stealing money from the elderly female he claimed to be his mother," Stafford Sheriff's Office spokesman Major Don Lenhart said. "The dealership told Mr. Love-Robinson that they would call him when his credit application was approved and he left the dealership." (more)

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Amartel said...

Who names their kid "Malachi" anymore?
Shades of "Catch Me If You Can." I actually liked that movie. Hanks and DeCaprio were well cast and did a good job.
Calling Dr. Love