Saturday, September 3, 2016


Overheard ca. 1969-70:
Jimi Hendrix: I don’t know, man. All I did was play it. I’m American, so I played it. I used to sing it in school. They made me sing it in school, so it was a flashback. 
Dick Cavett: This man was in the 101st Airborne, so when you send your nasty letters in …
Lesser known was Hendrix's call to sing the British anthem, "God Save The Queen," the following year at the Isle of Wight Music festival:

Hendrix to the British crowd: "In fact it'd sound better if you'd stand up, for your country, and your brother...and start singin'! And if you don't, fuck ya."
Of course, this all went to hell a scant seven years later.

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Shouting Thomas said...

Now, that's something to think about:

The genius of the electric guitar was a patriot!