Saturday, September 10, 2016

Be careful playing

A deck of cards is shuffled 
falling, actually
in random
a queen, as they are, top and bottom
drawn as yin and yang
king, ace, joker
and numbers cascade in random
three, six, four, two, seven
nine, five, eight, ace 
all just randomly falling
images atop one after another
dropping out of sight
falling, shuffled without any hands
I never did care for these games
they never did make any sense
lost my clothes, my cash, and friends
their poker faces dissembling
they come out of character for cards
playing the hands they are dealt
careful now with your games
Hop in your truck, take off driving
taking advantage of convenient gaps
that open for you as you go
without changing lanes drive a straight line
and no other driver intruding
even the lights are assisting your aim
cyclists turn out of your way
recalling now as it happened
point A to point B without hindrance
without even feeling the pedals
without even changing the air
fuel tank half full with air in tires
taken directly there
careful, the way you are playing
you’re not the only one in the game
turn into your spot directly
kept there open for you
busy people halt their own passing
allowing safe passage for you
even the doors open 
their electric eye waiting for you
as if you are royalty expected.
Inside now.
Frustrated with not seeing your target
like all other progress going so well
you’ll be feeling a need for a piss
if this block keeps up for long
ask for help in locating
the object required to go on
directed where blind couldn’t miss
at checkout, “You again!” 
easy laughter says, “I get your joke”
sixteen dollars and something cents
“I accept the terms.”
people overhearing feel free to laugh
joining in on the fun
it’s not that funny 
and you all have your business to mind
Careful now, your playing
You’re not the only one in this game
Speeding home now indirectly
the back and indirect route
everything opens before you.
You never make this light
The light is put there to stop you.
Honestly, everyone must.
But this time you pass right through 
Careful, this game you are playing
Remember the man said “Don’t ask me"
About the new car he is driving
“Or else you will make me cry."
Ridiculous. Men don't cry about that.
He totaled his old car last week.
And he had it for quite a long time too.
Here look at this purple elbow
That oddly does not even hurt.
Until he presses it, that is.
So be careful this game that you play.”
The pictures came out a lot better
than anything you’d ever think.
You’ll be pleased 
when time comes you see them.
Now, you must come awake.
Well, what game am I playing then? 
Exactly, may I ask?
Since you insist on this  framing
and warning this way.
How do I know to be careful
when I don't even know what I play?
You’re not the only one playing
It’s not just you having fun.
Just be careful about all your playing
You won’t know 
when you’ve lost or you’ve won.

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