Sunday, July 3, 2016

Watch Hugh Hewitt play paddleball with the foam rubber brains of two dopes.

They know only partisanship so they see only partisanship, both dopes do and both say so, and that prevents them from seeing what grownups see. Honestly, Cub Scouts honor, you're better off hitting mute whenever they're speaking. I mean it. I tried that and it works. You feel immediately better, and miss nothing. The young man babbles over Hugh to avoid hearing him speak. And he literally flounces around. Kidding. Their positions get switched on the monitor so it looks like he's flying around. Over here, boink, over there.

I have to keep double checking the spelling of Hugh's name, triple checking, then again and again like a compulsive neurotic because I know another man named Hugh and at 6'5" in cowboy boots and real working cowboy hat he really is huge. 


ndspinelli said...

Josh Barro is the oldest member of the Vienna Boy's Choir.

AJ Lynch said...

Moat of the librul MSM have no background nor training to cover the subjects they report on. Here is Barro's WIKI education blurb:

"Barro has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Harvard University.[2] His father is the macroeconomist Robert Barro.[5]"

AprilApple said...

Hugh Hewitt is a smart guy. I prefer him by leaps and bounds over Rush or Hannity.

The MSNBC hacks - wow that's some powerful hacktastic hackiness.

AprilApple said...

Little leftist pipsqueak named Josh - "Don't patronize me, Hugh"


AprilApple said...

Trump treated Hugh like dirt, and Hugh is firmly in camp Trump now. (yes of course it's because the Clinton Crime family is unthinkable.)

Trump doesn't deserve Hugh.