Sunday, July 3, 2016

Did You Ever Get The Feeling That...

...the Left's apologies for Islamic terror in this century rhyme* with the Left's apologies for Stalin in the last century?


chickelit said...

*rhyme in the historical sense.

Chip Ahoy said...

I'm not familiar with last century's excuses. I wasn't politically aware.

And today I don't hear so much excuses as displaced solutions, simplistic and partisan analysis, they use terror as opportunity to bust moves, to mis-frame the discussion. [They're planning another sit-in because the last one worked so brilliantly] They will never stop. Their obsession is absolute and eternal and obsession on the Right is not. The Right is a bunch of pussies compared to the intensity and ferocity on the worked up crackpot Left.

Just watch their convention.

And compare it to the antediluvian Republican soporific.

Blink blink, what? Sorry, dozed off.

Dexter is quite bright and ambitious. He was talking to two other blacks when I interrupted. I said that I was going to the antiTrump wall. A black dude who I don't know mentioned Palin will be speaking.

Dexter registered distasted for Palin. I probed his distaste and he gave me bullshit. I asked him to be specific and he did become more specific but without nailing any one thing or several thing in particular that could justify hate. Dexter is a Christian.

So ACT LIKE ONE goddamnit.

The other two blacks scattered out the door past me in a sweep, a blur, movement so athletic, so graceful, no sound, no bumping, a BIG guy and a scrawny guy both slid right past me like smoke pulled out the door.

"Like the things she says about BLM and the things she says about gays."

"What did she say? Specifically, what did she say that is so offensive to you personally that you, you, even you, Dexter, hates her. What are the painful words and sentences?

"It's her holier than thou attitude. It's smart-assness. It's her snippiness."


Then somebody on Twitter uploaded a brief snippet of Palin in Denver calling republicans against Trump RATS in a haughty holier than thou snippy and smart ass delivery and cracked up laughing. Oh man, she is funny. Son of gun, that's just hilarious. She just flat pisses off even Dexter.

And there is nothing that Hillary does that bothers Dexter one single bit. He thinks the position does take an insider like her, a person in the know, someone familiar with the ins and the outs, and he's so politically retarded he cannot see any crime whatsoever. Even if he were smacked across the face with a Hillary board it still would not register. Like the journalists shown in the Hugh Hewitt video his political depth allows only partisan explanations because it's all he's capable himself, and received interpretation. And that is why Dexter will forever splash in the baby's pool, and forever be wrong. He'll never see Democrat Party as criminal syndicate that it is.

Now, how am I going to tolerate this new friend? I don't know. And how will he and they (the ones that split) tolerate me? I don't know that either.

[Maybe it can start with hamburgers. I bought 3 today and gave 2 to the people in there. I don't even know who they are. But they sure did appreciate their hamburgers, they're good ones too, and right when I did that another resident entered the office and plopped down two chilled carbonated refreshments in bottles, then left. As if prearranged. "You're set." Is that a coincidence or what? ]

No man, that's my guiding angel going, "BOO!"

Leland said...

I get that sense for their apologies for Hillary.

Lem said...

You know Chick, you might be onto something there.

Lem said...

It's definitely a book idea. Maybe I shouldn't say that. Someone will steal it.

Dad Bones said...

I hear you, Chip. Dexter sounds like Joe, the black guy who moved into my cousin's apt bldg. Joe's sense of humor is intact and he can make me laugh up to the point of political discussion. He and my cousin think Hillary is great. They've had their problems with the law so I suppose they regard her as somewhat of a kindred spirit. They don't see her crimes as being of any more consequence than their petty offenses.

Not so long ago Bill Clinton came through my little burg to make a campaign speech. My cousin went so he could shake Bill's hand and give him a copy of a little screed that he wrote, a populist manifesto inspired by the TV newscasts he watches. He asked Bill to give it to Hillary and of course Bill said he would. A few weeks later he gets a letter from the Clinton campaign, an obvious form letter they send out to just about anyone but my cousin and Joe are convinced that Bill gave my cousin's manifesto to Hillary and that they discussed it which prompted her to send that nice letter to him.

One more reason why she would be dangerous in the White House. I don't know what she could do that would get their heads out of the sand.

edutcher said...

No, Stalin had a right to kill all those people. They were Traitors To Glorious World Socialist Revolution.

Islam is a Religion of Peace. There are no Islamic terrorists, only lone wolves.

Leland said...

home grown lone wolves

ricpic said...

The Schmendriks attracted to the Left are absolutely mesmerized by displays of brute power and worship those who exercise it. Behind all the talk of peace and love is a lust to lash out at the enemy - never the opponent, always the enemy - and kill him. And of course suffer no consequences for breaking the commandment. So yes, it makes perfect sense that leftists lauded Stalin and laud the advocates of Sharia, because both systems, Communism and Islam, revel in turning "bourgeoise morality" upside down and breaking the commandment that makes civilization possible.

edutcher said...

What ric said.

With a bullet.

AprilApple said...


rcocean said...

Yep, the mind-boggling stupidity of liberal Democrats is amazing to experience in person. Its talking to Tarzan:

Democrats good, Republicans bad.

Hillary could be indicted in October and they wouldn't care. Bill could revel he's a paid agent for ISIS and they wouldn't care. The Democrats could revel a plan to import 20 million Zulus and Islamic extremists and give them all free housing, food, and shiny BMW's and they wouldn't care.

William said...

The only system where artists and intellectuals can give free vent to their spleen is liberal (i.e. capitalist) democracies, and since forever this is the system most relentlessly mocked, criticized, and pilloried by such people. What's so evil about making money, or wanting to get rich, or, heaven forfend, actually being rich........The first of Stalin's five year plans was to increase steel production. It cost thousands of lives. Carnegie increased steel production far more dramatically and, with the exception of the Homestead Strike, no great loss of lives......I would like the Carnegie Foundation to endow a fellow to study why the artists and intellectuals of their respective eras were so down on Carnegie and so enamored of Stalin.......I was just reading a biography of Oscar Wilde. His mother was a fiercely nationalistic Irish poet. She requested to be buried upon an isolated hill. She said that she couldn't bear to spend all eternity lying next to some "tradesman" in a cemetery. Poets have such exalted feelings.