Sunday, July 3, 2016

oxalis bulbs (again)

I forgot how tiny these are. I was expecting rhizomes larger than these. The plants are wonderful and fun to watch grow and they go and go and go all summer then peter out and slip into dormancy. 

But how long? How moist? How cool or how warm must they be kept? Because mine dried out over the winter. Dried to dust. Bringing them inside didn't work. Do I keep them barely moist and they come back to life on their own in their good time inside sometime during the winter? That's what I'll try next time. I'll try keeping the dirt moist instead of digging them up. See if that works. Live and learn. 

I think I bought 20 last time. This is 50. This time of year you can get very good deals.

These two photos are from last year, already shown here, before I knew how cool the plants are. They're fun plants. 

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