Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Because I love you guys.


AprilApple said...

L O L.

Synova said...

By the time the captions got to "patriotic vowel noises" I was in PAIN. :)

AprilApple said...

Speaking of funny
#things that are more trustworthy than Hillary hashtag:#

-TSA agent with mirrors on his shoes
-OJ in the bushes with a knife
-A message from Edward Scissorhands

AprilApple said...

oops - Massage!

It's late.

Lem said...

The Pop tart gun. Oh. Clock kid is back, did you guys hear?

Shariah is not for everybody or something.

AprilApple said...

"We'll run up debt and be so underwater on loans...You'd swear Ted Kennedy had probably driven us home"

that'l showem'.