Wednesday, July 6, 2016

TMZ Harvey Levin: Something is up that is not savory


Chip Ahoy said...

Grab your partner dosi do swing 'em around don't let em go,
'Round 'round spin her round, lift her up and set her down.
Cross your arms and promenade
quarter up into full eight.
"Round 'round spin her 'round step apart and stomp the ground
Run, run, grab her hand, hit her in the head with a frying pan.
Swim the lake and cross the reef, choke your partner him in the teeth.
Fire a canon into the house, punch our partner in the mouth.
Stab your partner with a knife, kick and shake away their life
Gents to the center with a elbow swing
On the to the opposite same old thing
Gents to the center with an elbow swing
Back to your own with a turkey wing.
Cage the bird, pretty little bird
Bird hop out and the owl hop in
Four hands up and gone again.
Chase the rabbit chase the squirrel
Chase that pretty girl 'round the world
Chase the possum chase the coon
Chase that critter over the moon.
I'll swing yours, you swing mine
Yours is fine, gimme back mine.
Oceay up
Oceay back
Ocea around the outside track.
I don't know what your on about
I can't dance but you don't gotta shout.
Come on Honey let's break away
We can come dance some other day.

AprilApple said...

Something smells, alright.

AprilApple said...

The timing, too. smells.

Amartel said...

Fundamentalist transformation is a smelly business.

edutcher said...

If you've got a hard Lefty saying this, it's an acknowledgement of the problem the electorate is going to have in the Fall.

nd, wherever you are, you nailed it.

Letting her go is the worst outcome.

AprilApple said...

Delusion. the whole thing is rigged. Did you know Donny invented the word rigged?

edutcher said...

Do you know you invented the word delusion?

ricpic said...

Maybe Comey's life or his family's lives were threatened. That would be SOP for the Clintons. I mean everyone and his kid sister has sworn that Comey's a man of impeccable integrity. I threw in that redundant impeccable because, yaknow, rhetoric.

ricpic said...

The lives of his family.

edutcher said...

Quite possible, although the threatening would have come through the Choom Gang and I honestly don't think they're that stupid.

And the Ozark Mafia just murders. They don't seem to like warnings much.

Then again, all he had to do was say something and the game would have been up, if such were the case. The Obamanation seems to work on bribes or blackmail (all that NSA eavesdropping). And so many are part of the great center-left in DC. He may have simply had pointed out to him the will to prosecute wasn't there as far as the Choom Gang was concerned. He would be making himself look foolish when the thing fell through.

Hillary is not Petraeus, after all.

bagoh20 said...

He simply caved away from the responsibility that Hillary and the Democrats forced on him. It was his responsibility to recommend prosecution according to the law and the facts he himself discovered and reported. He just refused to do it because he didn't want to affect the election. The thing is that it was not on him for creating this situation. He simply did not stand up and do his job because he was scared to. It's cowardice and a lack of faith and belief in the law. It's a disgrace and it's now exclusively his to own, and he took it on to save a crook and a liar. What an epic fail for someone who probably wanted to do the right thing, but failed to see what it was.

Rhythm and Balls said...

I don't think he was afraid of affecting the election.

I think he feared she'd easily beat the rap and then come after him with a vengeance.

You guys think the Clintons have murdered people. Murdered!

You go ahead and take her on then.