Thursday, July 7, 2016

WKRLEM: Hey Hillary.......


Chip Ahoy said...

The whole time I was listening to Trump I was seeing the dude do his imitation of drunk Trump and the entire thing fit perfectly.

And I laughed my ass off the whole time. The real Trump and drunk Trump imitator superimposed is truly hilarious. The imitator nails it.

Trump has a unique gesticulation, a Chef Boyardee type "okay" sign that he tucks in, but he tucks in so closely that he almost forms an O with fingers around his own tit, on the same side, not his opposite tit that would be more comfortable to place an O around. It looks funny. It's a thing that a drunk person does. His broken sentences. His subject switches mid sentence, when he knows the idea is conveyed . Everyone follows just fine, as they follow a drunk. It is a style that works for his peeps. He's a natural and it drives pundits insane.

On Twitter he cannot be talked about without being mischaracterized. Tonight they're insisting Trump did not attack Hillary. He started with that. Covered each salient point. His apparent wandering is covering each recent incident of media malfeasance, he splays the details and it drives non supporters nuts. He does come over exactly like the guy doing drunk Trump. And it is hilarious. It's also very effective. All their complaints are wrong. I got tired of correcting them. And they're tired of me. I honestly don't know what their fucking problem is. Even Rosanne Barr makes more sense than they do. I'd honestly rather spend time with Rosanne Barr than I would with the conservative people on Twitter.

Dr. Psychiatrist Person, how is it that I keep drawing to myself assholes? Huh? It's me, isn't it? I'm the asshole flame for asshole moths, isn't it? No, wait, wait, wait, I select assholes to be around. No, wait, wait, wait, wait, everyone is normal and the only asshole is me.

I'm cross right now. I was nicked for 50 bucks on ridiculous technicality having to do with rent and national holiday and office closed on weekends and banks not open and officious Barney Fife martinet types butt plugs that really should know better but don't and I had to re-think serious things all the fuck over again and it pisses me off. It changes relationships. Don't these mo*her^f_ck^ers know that I'm SENSITIVE?

Now when I go by I say, "Booooo!" in passing and glare menacingly like a mental.

And they know exactly why they're getting the Bronx raspberry. For the whole fucking month.

edutcher said...
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edutcher said...

Having had a little time to think about the vid Chip posted yesterday, and considering the analyses from all manner of quarters, especially The Blonde's (tumor), as to what's wrong with the Hildabeast, I've come to the conclusion the reason they can't let her near anybody, even the press, is she's still on instruments.

I mean, we're talking heavy drugs. Maybe not in the massive doses when she was giving everybody her deer-in-the-headlights impression, but she's flying. She can only make "statements" that have been drilled into her. She has to hold onto something. Or have an arm on which to lean.

They can't let her into a court of law under such circumstances. At the convention, she'll come out on Willie's arm, as if they're still in love after all these years. It's one reason she does those "intimate" venues - more easily controlled.

So, how do they get her past the debates? Maybe there won't be any.

There weren't any in '64, '68, or '72. The debates in '80 was what put Reagan over, so maybe the Demos figure Trump would really look good, or at least reasonable, so it might not be a bad idea, anyway.

But they can't trust Hillary in a hostile, adversarial, think-on-your-feet forum like that if she's up there where the air is rare. She's a lousy debater, anyway ('08 ring any bells?).

So, if there are no debates - they'll say they couldn't agree on a format or something, don't be surprised.