Saturday, June 11, 2016

Got Mitt Uns?

The mansion at Kreisau (now Poland) where German intellectuals secretively planned a post-Hitler government
Forget any sort of Damascene conversion for Mitt Romney and his ilk. They are having a Kreisau Circle meeting of sorts in Utah to "plan the reconstruction of the post-Trump Republican Party" because "[w]e need to start those conversations now.”

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Even Power Line thinks Romney may have gone too far: link


ndspinelli said...

Us normal folks see a problem. There is a lack of focus due to deep rage on the part of the hardcore Trump folks[I ceased using Trumpaholics out respect for Allen when he took offense]. Having coached baseball for decades, a sport that requires focus maybe more than any other, I know winning means you can't be distracted. ALL of the focus needs to be on Hillary. This "cuckservative" horseshit is a distraction. Trump seems to be understanding that and has stopped spending much time on the people he defeated. You easily distracted ragers need to take a cue from your hero.

rcocean said...

Somehow the Left and the Democrats are able to do everything at once. Attack Trump, boost Hillary, attack traitors in their own camps, fight with each, and still win. Maybe its because they have the media in their pocket.

The Rats (Republicans against Trump) need to either shut up if they can't support Trump - otherwise they might as well join the "Hillary for President" Campaign and get paid.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am NEVER going to forget all these so-called conservatives worked to destroy Trump and hand the Presidency and the SCOTUS over to Hillary.

Trooper York said...

You should never listen to concern trolls who want to advise you to stop doing what let you win and instead start doing what the other 16 losers did. Why stick with a winning formula. Let the traitors and quislings provide ammunition for your opponents.

Because....err....because you should listen to morons. That is why 100% of the media, pundits, Republican office holders and bullshit artists who voted for Obama tell you to do the same thing. Soften up. Don't hold the media, the cucks and the Mexicans to account because...that is going to backfire. Just because that is how you won the nomination doesn't mean you should stay with what is successful. You should sell out to the lobbyists and waste millions on commercials and consultants who need to fill.....what....what did you say.....their rice bowl.

Ok got it. Thanks for the help.

AllenS said...

Let's get something straight, Nick, I don't have any deep rage. I simply like Trump because he's not a politician. I can keep saying this over and over, and, obviously, it doesn't seem to sink in to some people's sculls, not because of me, but because of people like you.

I also don't like "cuckservative". I much rather if people used the words motherfucking cocksucking traitors.

Nothing says traitor like some GOPer saying that they'll be voting for Clinton because they didn't get their way.

Trooper York said...

Well cuckservative is a sort of short hand for what you describe Allen. A euphemism if you will.

Just a descriptive term like Tea Bagger. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

The fact that it is so descriptive is only a bonus. You saw it illustrated as commentators and so called conservative blogs cheered on a white woman being victimized by criminals of color carrying Mexican flags. They said she deserved it. That it was her fault. They are the cuckservatives.

The should get no quarter. They are just as dangerous as Hillary. Perhaps more so as they provide her cover.

Dad Bones said...

Trump has great instincts to have accomplished what he has so far. If he and Hillary are the ones who will be sharing the spotlight I'm betting she's the one who will be doing most of the bleeding. And while it will never be known I think Trump is the only Republican candidate whose verbal knives are sharp enough to hurt her.

edutcher said...

Well, it could be Wannsee.

ndspinelli said...

This "cuckservative" horseshit is a distraction

No, it's not. You're fighting front and rear here. People who ought to be on your side, aren't.

Think about all the "Liberals" during the Vietnam War. The second the blacklist ended all the Lefties were free to subvert this country, and, boy, did they.

This is the exact same thing. The fact people who don't like Trump can't see that is their problem, but it will soon be ours if they don't take their heads out of their asses and realize this stuff is all in the service of Queen Empress Cacklepants.

ndspinelli said...

Allen, I DON'T lump you w/ the others here who have all sorts of anger issues unrelated to politics. Chrissake, that's why I said I stopped using the term Trumpaholic, because you thought I was. I thought that was clear, apparently not. But, I do understand you getting pissed about saying something over and over and people not getting it. Myself and others here say we want Trump to kick Hillary's fat ass. But, because we don't suck Trump's tiny dick like a few[not you, Allen] then we are bad people. edutcher sometimes seems to maybe understand my position. But then he talks in his last comment about people who "don't like" Trump being the problem. Fuck sake, is there a litmus test? Can I just vote for the asshole, or do I have to like him as well. I know the true answer to that. But, some actually think not liking Trump is going to cause him to lose. Well, Hillary will get millions of votes from people who hate her. "They don't ask how, just how many."Like yourself, I am happy a non politician is the nominee. I can think of MANY non politicians other than Trump that I wish were the candidate. C'est la vie.

Like I said, I think Trump seems to have gotten his mind right and focused on Hillary. As I said when he clinched it, the regular season is over. It goes from regular season to the Super Bowl in politics. One guy here is still in preseason.

Finally, I know you realize anything we do or say here doesn't amount to a bucket of warm spit. Some Walter Mitty's fashion themselves campaign managers.

rcocean said...

I much rather if people used the words motherfucking cocksucking traitors.

LOL. Agreeance.

chickelit said...

♫ All we are saying is "Give Trump a Chance" ♫

edutcher said...

nd, you'd be surprised how ideas seem to spread on the Interwebz. Kind of like how talk radio made a lot of Conservatives realize, "Hey, I am right about this and I'm not the only one who sees it like this and they really are lying to us and I'm not crazy, after all. Paranoid, maybe, but I've got good reason"

ndspinelli said...

ed, We are in agreement. The internet is a game changer. That's why Facebook and Google are trying to rig the game. The series House of Cards had a similar subplot this past season. But, the internet, which they think they can control, is controlled by no one. Not even the inventor of the internet, Al Gore, can control it. But, he can control the weather.

chickelit said...

Not even the inventor of the internet, Al Gore, can control it. But, he can control the weather.

Now that was funny!