Saturday, June 25, 2016

Not The Same, Ben Folds

I suppose you take your musical inspiration wherever you get it. This video has two good things, a good story in front of it and attractive harmonizing by the audience on a song you probably didn't know exists and by those two things the song might grow on you. (But not quite enough to add it to Amazon Cloud)

What a drag this SME is. I watched this on a British site so I don't know why SME singles us out. It's worth a view. 

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windbag said...

I like Ben Folds, but not enough to purchase any of his CDs. Funny that you made that Amazon Cloud comment. A real oddity is that when I'm listening to Pandora, it always plays two Ben Folds songs in a row. Doesn't do that with any other artist. Folds is a talented guy and a born entertainer. He can go solo or backed by an orchestra and capture the audience's attention equally.