Wednesday, June 22, 2016


What a great word betray is. Trump uses it in his speech near the end referring to the ruling class in Washington who sold out our country, who have betrayed us.

I felt betrayal a couple of times. It's the worst.

In the movie the Bird Cage, Robin Williams is giving Nathan Lane lessons on being a regular guy and he asks Lane how he felt about about a football loss. Nathan Lane imagines mixed football related emotions, "discouraged, confused, betrayed."

I stopped the Trump video on the word. How do you visualize betrayal? How in the world would you show it?  I look it up and see I looked it up before. It's one of those things that is hard to see. Nobody agrees how to say it. It's all come back to me now that I'm seeing it again, each person I ask understands betrayal differently and shows it a different way.

Signingsavvy sees betrayal the same way it sees "fool"

Handspeak suggests "feelings blob change"

Spreadthesign for U.S. shows, "pull of your face and discard" (similar to "abortion.")

Aslpro will have it under religious signs for sure. They have two, "go around the wall"
and "snob srike right"

Thanks, all these people. Again. All very good. I couldn't think of any of this myself. I really do need them to show me.

I like best Lifeprint's version, "stab in the back."  This is the one I'll adopt.

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rhhardin said...

So we don't nestle weightless
In each other's hearts! The soul,
Then, is a raptor - eagle
Or falcon, and if the sou
Is a raptor some other
Soul must be prey. Is that it?

Betraying is letting loose.
The tame caged fox is betrayed
To the hounds. Or: I betray
My heart to you. Give it up,
That is, into your keeping.
Your treachery and rapture.

... - Vicki Hearne