Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's time to fire up the grill

I have a new back yard. We have been fixing it up gradually and now it is just about right. Not much of a view but the prevailing winds keep it nice and cool at night. Unfortunately we are close to the Gowanus Canal so we have to worry about mosquitos. I have sprayed and planted some natural remedies in that certain plants keep mosquitos away. Citronella. Lavender. Lemon grass. We put pots with these plants all around. Have a bunch of lanterns and chandeliers with citronella candles. Make sure there is no standing water for them to breed.

We enjoy the yard first thing in the morning for coffee. We sit out there and relax before we start the day. The days are long enough that we get to grill when we get home. That works out pretty great.

Tonight I am going to do skirt steaks in a chimichurri sauce. The sides with be my typical green salad. Romaine. Red Onion. Black Olives. Goat cheese feta. Ground Pistachios. Also I found some very tender asparagus. I have a gas flame set up on the barbecue so I set up the wok and stir fry while I grill. Today it will be asparagus with garlic and oil topped off with a generous helping of pecorino Romano cheese freshly grated on before serving. Very tasty.

Unfortunately we can't do alcohol anymore but I make a mean fresh lemonade with mint that everyone seems to love. Quite refreshing and cool in the summer.

So what are youse guys grilling up this weekend?


AllenS said...

Sounds nice.

ricpic said...

Speaking of mosquitos -- I took a trip out west, was in the Chipster's backyard so to speak for about a week was outside at all hours everyday and never got stung. I get home at about 8 PM unload the car and in the course of taking my stuff into the house, three trips back and forth, got stung on the prick. The Prick! And I wasn't even wearing shorts!!

windbag said...

We did ribeyes the other night, but weekends are my busy time, so no grilling for us this weekend.

rcocean said...

We just grilled some steaks and put pesto sauce on it, instead of the usual BBQ sauce. Very good.

But damn Steak is expensive, its up to $15/lbs. The inflation rate is BS.

edutcher said...

CPI does not count food and fuel in the cost of living. It shouldn't come as a surprise this little refinement came in with Willie.

Like the unemployment rate, it's a joke - a bad one.

rcocean said...

It doesn't seem to count the price of housing or rent either.

edutcher said...

It does, but not the way you think.

Read 'em and weep.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Eat Me!