Monday, June 20, 2016

habanero babies


They started out as grocery store habanero peppers with no particular use in mind. I wanted their seeds and to dry the peppers and chop to flakes. That was June 11th now is the 20th so nine days of warm wet dirt. Packages of seeds will say ten days to two weeks.


ndspinelli said...

Cuidado, Senor Chip.

Steg said...

When I got a neighbor's yard to use as my garden, I had increased my pest problem ten fold. Bugs would always eat kale leaves, pepper leaves, peppers, cucumber, zucchini, nearly everything had some bug problem.

I somehow got it in my mind that bugs don't like spicy. So I bought a couple pounds of habeneros, blended them up with Everclear, let it sit overnight and then sifted out the mush.

That stuff went into the sprayer cut with some water, and all over everything. It didn't really do anything to deter pests, but the kale was nice and spicy if you got some before a rain.

Then I replaced kale with bacon, and never looked back.

The biggest pest though was a ground hog, and fences kept him out. Several fences.

chickelit said...

Seeds soaked in Nature's fecund blessing!