Thursday, June 23, 2016

Korean crunchy fried chicken

I want to share this because Maangchi is cute.

She tells us for crunchy chicken fry the chicken twice. She makes a hot candy sauce to coat them.

She writes on her ingredient list 1/2 cup  mulyeot, a rice syrup, the main ingredient balanced with 1/4 cup soy sauce. So, heavy sweet and salty elements. 

Mulyeot is actually corn syrup. Corn being an American commodity she can thank international trade for the misapprehension.

The dried chile pepper is not very hot. But this can be made a lot hotter. I notice she's using garlic but not ginger and she does not specify rice vinegar nor specific mustard. 

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Dust Bunny Queen said...

TIFU. By telling my husband Dumbplumber he should check out Lem's webblog.

Now he is insisting, clamoring that I make Korean crunchy fried chicken. He said that the photos are so good he can almost taste that chicken. I dread him seeing the rest of Chip Ahoy's incredibly tasty recipes and photos.

Thanks a LOT!! Just kidding. I can't wait to try this too.