Thursday, June 30, 2016

CNN assigns #Brexit blame

“Listen…the reason people voted, the majority of them, and I can play you what was said, was to stop immigration into this country,” she said, as Hannan continued to insist that he himself had not backtracked on his comments, pointing out that he had written a book advocating reasons to vote Leave but hadn’t actually said what she accused him of saying.
Amanpour pressed on. “Would you agree then that the Leave campaign’s main objective, in terms of sovereignty, was to stop the free movement [of people]?”
Hannah grinned in obvious disbelief, and asked Amanpour to retract the accusation of backtracking. She refused.
“Then people at home can Google this, they can look at what I’ve said, and they can see whether it is fair for you to accuse me of having done a U-turn,” Hannan said, as Amanpour continued to talk over him.


Lem said...

You could say the immigration influx was but the visible part of the rest of the impositions by the EU. Impositions they rather gloss over.

Lem said...

It's interesting how *they* want to cast the vote of millions as nativist, but the minute you link terror to a religion... *they* the very same people.

Why don't *they* do that man on the street interview after the Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston attacks?

I tell you why. They know *they* wont like the answers.

(CNN is a big member of *they*)

Darcy said...

Amen, Lem.

edutcher said...

The Limeys are sick of the same sort of bureaucrats in Brussels who are dictating their lives as the ones in London are not letting them have their own country.

It's not the "free movement of people", it's countries being allowed to choose their own destiny.

And I'll bet Hannan could have gone on like that for hours. I've seen him on Cavuto and he is a very sharp guy.

Chip Ahoy said...

Oh man, I was just now watching this. A person can only watch half way then stop in order to manage their sanity, to say "no" to the descent into hell, "no thank-you, Charon I'll not be needing a guide today." And that's a big problem for CNN when their interviewer simply must be shut off.

The Twitter link said, "Amanpour needs an intervention, yelling and screaming" so I was hoping for something fun, not wearisome.

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Lem said...

Thanks Darcy.

ampersand said...

So what if it's about immigration? It's the British peoples choice to make if they don't want it. How many people are they going to stuff in that small island? The Ayatollah's girlfriend can FOAD.

bagoh20 said...

Is she supposed to be a reporter, a finder of facts and opinions, or just a mouthpiece for her own biased assumptions and those of her closed-minded unimaginative colleagues? Clearly her and her friends in media sit around defining people by their own political standards and then try to make those definitions stick. Not what I would call journalism.

Complete journalistic malpractice, as she has done most of her career.

Lem said...

David Freddoso tweets...

I think Amanpour's producer told her she was interviewing Nigel Farage & she didn't know the difference.

Lem said...

In other words, it's worse than it looks on the video.

She doesn't have a clear grasp of what she's covering, if she doesn't even know the players.

Rhythm and Balls said...

This is so dumb. The whole debate is so dumb. If England just devolved its own parliament as it had done for Scotland and Wales then they could stop confusing what is done in the UK's interests with what some English nationalists had wanted, and start figuring out WTF they actually want to do.

Rhythm and Balls said...

I must say, he handled that pretty well, given Amanpour's hostility - especially toward the end.

Methadras said...

Amanpour has zero desire for pretending to be a journalist. She is simply nothing more than a leftist open borders activist. She proves it without doubt in this video. Why CNN still has her on the payroll is self-evident. She's their only attack dog.

virgil xenophon said...

Amanpour swims out to meet troopships..

ndspinelli said...

Remember when ABC gave this vapid woman their Sunday Morning show? She ran it into the ground quicker than Howdy Doody tanked Meet the Press.