Friday, June 24, 2016

Across the pond.

It's not cute anymore. Please stop it. But you cannot stop it so I must bear with it for the rest of my life. A phrase so internalized that the ocean between England and the United States cannot be called the Atlantic Ocean anymore. It must be the pond instead.

Fine. You say pond and I'll think water.  I'll translate each and every instance for now on, and that vague I'll be more clear than you.

No matter how many times you say it, no matter how fast or numerous the jets, it's still an ocean and not a pond, notwithstanding American's affection for British fondness for understatement. It's not cute anymore.

This is the pond of Henry the transmentalist's who lived in a hut and read Tarot cards.

The center blue on the globe below is the Atlantic ocean between the United States and Britain.

Tiny, you could swim across it or drain it. ↑.

Quite large, you would die in it ↓. 


ricpic said...

But for those with a mid-Atlantic accent it's gotta be a pond so they don't drown!

Or would you have them swim 1,500 miles of ocean to reach either shore, Mr. Ahoy?!?!

edutcher said...

Would you prefer Great Water, as in White Queen mother from across Great Water?

edutcher said...

PS While we're on the subject, Angie Merkel thinks France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary all may jump Union now that Brexit has gone through.

Marine LePen seems to think the time is ripe.

Synova said...

So, got your knickers in a twist, what?

Okay, fine. I will try to remember not to say "pond".

Chip Ahoy said...

Really? A mass exodus? I've been listening all day and pretty much all I hear is xenophobia. The erudite way of calling somebody racist. Yeah, go with that. It's all they've got. Their grasp of events leaves leftist pundits with one single answer, racism, the full breadth of their comprehension and yet they presume to instruct all on what's happening.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in happier places, the rock and roll bands have arrived for their summer festival. All in the pay in advance parking lot behind our own private parking. All crammed in there and into the clubs across the street on Broadway. And this is when they really turn up the heat on parking. We hire a guard to have your vee-hickle towed within 15 seconds of parking abuse. BLAM! Just like that because they mean business. It's a racket, actually. But there will be NO parking available in this high demand area.

edutcher said...

From Sharyl Atkisson, Brexit support was censored from the media.

Something to keep in mind.