Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fast food kills.

Ronald McDonald gunned down at NC Sonic restaurant

UMBERTON, N.C. (WNCN) – A man named Ronald McDonald, 36, was shot during an argument at a Sonic restaurant Thursday evening in Lumberton, North Carolina.
McDonald, who is the husband of one of the restaurant’s managers, argued with Telvin Drummond, 24, an employee at Sonic.
Both men shot at each other. McDonald was struck by gun fire and is being treated for injuries that are believed to not be life threatening.

A concerned bystander who was peeping in the window of the restaurant with his hand down his pants lauded the fact that Ronald McDonald was shot down. "I saw the whole thing in the reflection of the window while I was peeping on the customers who were eating junk food. Ronald McDonald is a menace and his restaurant should be closed. Only lowlifes and fools eat there. None of the elite meet there to greet. Good riddance."
The investigation is still ongoing but an outpouring of sympathy and love for Ronald McDonald resulted. A typical North Carolinian belle was seen administrating her own form of tender loving care to the wounded fast food spokesman as he awaited an ambulance.


Sixty Grit said...

Post this a few more times...

Sixty Grit said...

But back to what I was saying - Lumberton is not a nice place, just ask MJ.

Lem said...

The site has developed a glitch. If you make an update, the site makes another copy of the post.

I don't know why. It just does.

So, remember, if after publishing a post, you need to make an update, remember to delete the new copy that might be created. Be careful, when deleting, not to delete somebody else's post.

ricpic said...

Many years back, so far back that it might as well have been another lifetime, I was traveling down to Florida with my folks and we stopped for the night in Lumberton. Well, actually not in Lumberton, in the little strip of Lumberton that touches I-95. Anyway, just before we exited the highway to find a motel we had passed a little place, no more than a shack really, with a sign that said Char-Broiled Steaks. On pure impulse we decided to give it a try and in every way the meal, very straightforward, steaks with baked potatoes and salad, the meal was good. And it was an altogether pleasant interlude. One of those interludes that somehow sticks in the mind even as decades pass by in your life which is no more than a passing dream itself. Or nightmare.

Trooper York said...

"Look Sadie. I think it's some of them there New Yawk Jeewwwwsss."
"Can't be Pa."
"Why not Ma?"
"They don't have any horns."

ricpic said...

Well, whatever they were thinking they were cordial hosts and ain't that all that counts?