Saturday, June 25, 2016

WestWord music festival

They set this up in the parking lot behind our residential parking lot. Don't even come down here, there's no parking. Parking is premium. Our building invites a tow company to sit and wait in the garage and have your car out within 15 seconds of parking abuse. And even that is hard to get into. They have rights to shut off half the alley so all traffic in and out goes the other way that is also clogged with their vehicles. The music is loud. There is no shutting it out. And it does violate city noise ordinance.

This is the setup. Nothing has started yet. The place will fill through the day.

They'll give me free tickets downstairs to compensate for the nuisance. They will not all allow the camera although they will allow phone cameras, because, fidelity, I suppose and because everyone is progressive around here or else in their own world. 

This camera prohibition caused a dispute. I was stopped by Barney Fife, stopped dead, and his opinion was backed up by another organizer. Later in responding to my verbal abuse Westword denied any proscription and offered me a job but I'm in possession of a very bad attitude and cannot accept offers from people who make such intrusive neighborhood noise assuming its all for the good and who hire Barney Fife types for their gatemen.

The noise modulation has just begun. 

I'll show more later. 


ricpic said...

I'd imagine the local police would respond to a noise complaint call. Well, they should respond anyway.

Trooper York said...

You are a rebel.

You should complain that someone is discriminating against a Moslem. They will send in the SWATT team.

Lem said...

They prob have a permit.