Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Gowdy releases Benghazi committee final report"

Washington Examiner:   Gowdy’s findings questioned the administration’s dubious reasons for placing diplomatic personnel in Benghazi despite clear and consistent warnings of violence in the area.

The temporary mission in Benghazi was on the road to becoming a permanent facility in the fall of 2012, when Stevens and a skeleton security team headed to the coastal Libyan city to prepare the announcement of a lasting U.S. presence there.

According to the committee’s report, U.S. officials had reported an “increase in extremist activity” in June 2012 as other Western powers in the area withdrew their people out of concern for their safety.

Other investigations had detailed the string of attacks in Libya that preceded the Benghazi raid, but none had exposed the motivations behind Stevens’ activities in the region, laying the groundwork for an upcoming visit from Clinton, where she hoped to announce the establishment of a permanent diplomatic post in Benghazi. (via Insta)


Lem said...

There's a lot more info at the Insta link.

AprilApple said...

The Clinton Dem-o-prog hack press:

Oh those silly Rethuglicans- obsessing over Benghazi again. Poor Hillary - leave her alone!

Sixty Grit said...

Thank goodness that is the final report - we can now put that unpleasantness behind us.

edutcher said...

All the caveats at Insta tend to indicate State is still covering. I'll bet a lot of arms were twisted over this and now a lot of careers are on the line.

Interesting it was the Khadaffy people that got those other 30 guys out of there in more or less one piece.

PS I note Cacklepants is test-flying Fauxcahontas with a new slogan - Stronger Together - so she isn't Fighting For Us anymore.

I sense it means 2 things - she found out she wasn't "woman" enough for the woman's vote and she expects to go down - either for physical or legal reasons - possibly before the convention.


AprilApple said...

The hack radio press are saying that the Republicans are blaming the military.

No word on the film-maker who was used as a scapegoat for corrupt Obama and corrupt Hillary.

edutcher said...

The military doesn't move without orders to go and we know who was supposed to give the order that night. And didn't.

He was busy getting his beauty sleep with Reggie Love.

PS Good speech, for those interested, on economic recovery by The Donald.

Methadras said...

And nothing will happen. What the hell did I tell you guys. Nothing.

ndspinelli said...

I actually read the 9-11 Report. We all know what happened. A disrespectful video about the prophet incited a riot.

JAL said...

I heard today (Steven Hayes - Weekly Standard?) that there was a second tier State Department meeting about what to do and that is where the unbelievable discussion about what the Marines should wear occurred. So somehow the State Department threw the wrench at the "Do whatever is needed (or WTTE)" from Obama and Panetta. But then ... there was no follow through. And no consequences for a horrible screw up.

Given that the administration refused the committee access to the Situation Room records for that afternoon-evening and barred witnesses from testifying, it would seem to fall back on Obama.

There is a time line included in the report that is said to be pretty damning, but I haven't looked at it yet.

Methadras said...

What's interesting is not a single one of the people at Benghazi that were rescued by Woods and Dougherty et al. have ever spoken up. Where are they? Where is their testimony? Where?