Monday, June 20, 2016

Robert Crumb, the hairy ass of Muhammed

That's what I got from reading this report by Jacques Hyzagi in the Observer on his visit to a tiny French farm town, Robert Crumb Hates You.

The entire interview is mostly about Robert Crumb's abysmal sex life history that he cannot talk about very well but can draw in imaginative detail like Woody Allen's anxiety but a lot more graphic and gross, how all that was so horrible the whole time and published in his panels until he learned the secret of being a direct jerk to women and fame arrived and changed things and he aged so that most of all that no longer matters.

He's into fat women.

And thankfully that article ends.

Another article picks up on the subject of Robert Crumb, written earlier in January 2015, Legendary Cartoonist Robert Crumb on the Massacre in Paris by Celia Farber. It appears on the same page linked.

The Observer does not print the cartoon that they're writing about. They describe it. It's a cartoon of Crumb the cartoonist holding up a picture of a man's hairy butt.

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Methadras said...

Crumb will always be a lecherous douche. That's who he is and has aspired to be. He brings nothing to the table.

edutcher said...

I can see why they call him Crumb.

ricpic said...

Apparently amazon women don't appeal to Lemsters. I think Crumb's work is great.

Shouting Thomas said...

Trump is the great cartoonist and illustrator of our time.

The hairy ass of Muhammed is a satirical, self-aware remark upon his own cowardice and lack of conviction.

Unfortunately, Crumb has become a doctrinaire feminist. He always was a lefty.

rcocean said...

Don't understand the whole Robert Crumb love - he was before my time.

ndspinelli said...

Never got the guy. Never got comic books.

chickelit said...

Terry Zwigoff's "Crumb" is worth seeing if you want to understand the man.

I wonder if R. feels any guilt over hastening his brother Charles' suicide?

chickelit said...

The hairy ass of Muhammed is a satirical, self-aware remark upon his own cowardice and lack of conviction.

As explained in Zwigoff's film, R. Crumb moved to France to escape the inane bourgeois trappings of America. He probably feels more vulnerable in France viz. outspoken criticism of radical Islam or Islam in general, though he lives in the rural south of France, IIRC.

That being said, he had some wonderful insights and one liners in the film which is why it's a favorite of mine.

William said...

I rad the interview. He said some interesting things about fame and getting laid. His remarks about banking and politics were less perceptive. He's got a talent. How can some people be so self aware and smart in some areas and so self deluded and dumb in others.

chickelit said...

FTR, I didn't read the article. I based all my comments on the Zwigoff film. I read about Crumb from time-to-time, usually when Althouse puts something up about him. I keep looking for any sort of change in the man but, like many of his generation, he has fossilized.