Monday, June 20, 2016

Dog Head fire near Albuquerque.

Parts of the Cibola National Forest are on fire.  That's not too far from where we live but not close either.  This is probably making the national news at least to mention it.  Just thought I'd say that it's hot and awful and it would be Very Good if it rained but it sounds way closer to me than it is.


chickelit said...

It was 93 degrees today at the coast but it's supposed to drop 10 degrees by tomorrow. Lots of weather moves left to right so you will see relief in a couple days. No rain though unless it moves in from the Gulf.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Weather report from the OTHER end of the Golden State. It is expected to be in the mid 80's and later this week in the high 90's. Maybe 99 by Friday. Normal. BTW: it snowed on Wednesday in the mountains above us. Everyone made a big deal about it, but it isn't. I've seen snow in July.

It will cool off in the late afternoon with the prevailing winds bringing colder air down from over the mountains. At night we get down to a nice 45 to 55 degrees with a cool wind. Of course down in the valley it is expected to hit about 110 by the end of the week. Also NORMAL. It is routinely well over 100 for days on end. At least it is usually a dry heat...except for when we get moisture streaming up from the South (from Chip's direction) Then it is miserably tropically humid.

When it is humid like that our Swamp Cooler, husband gets irritated when I call it that and he yells EVAPORATIVE cooler!, won't work properly. It works great in the dry heat that we usually have here in the high desert area.

We also are having a few small fires in the surrounding mountains. From the massive thunder/lightening storms a few weeks ago. Just a few hundred acres. Not like the huge fires we've had in the past which are in the tens of THOUSANDS of acres. Over 40,000 acres was the last big fire.

Ta Dah! Weather report just like Janis Dean or something. Except, I don't get paid or anything.


ndspinelli said...

This is all caused by fracking. That will be coming to a network news soon.

chickelit said...

Synova: Any fire updates?