Thursday, June 30, 2016


On the way back from the walk this morning I went in back through the alley. I like using the fob VOOMP the whole door flies open better than any Star Trek door ever opened. But today a truck was there and the door already opened, a man was standing there smoking a cigarette and watching the men working, he quipped as I passed, "And it isn't even Friday." A non-sequiter that left the men working with no natural rejoinder the worker said, "humph" then pulled his trolly up the steep and tall ramp backward, impressively, I've never seen anything like it and he was back in the garage passing me by. I said, "I saw you jerk that box up that ramp." He said, "Yeah."

Both men passed by coming and going three times, both men were eager to engage conversationally as they could as they passed, they never stopped working, but were still eager to talk. Their work was splendidly athletic. I said so. They acknowledged the truth of it. They liked that being recognized. They were giving themselves a real workout. 

By stark contrast they didn't say boo kiss my butt to the guy who tried to engage them. They just flat did not appreciate a guy standing there watching them. 

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ndspinelli said...

Hey! Where's the red meat. I thought this was Red Meat Thursday Night. Tartare Thursday.