Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Georgia judge refuses transgender man's name-change request"

MyAJC Feldhaus, 24, of Grovetown, was born female but identifies as male. Judge Roper heard the petition for a name change in February and issued an order in March turning it down. He took particular issue with Feldhaus’ choice of Elijah as a middle name.

“I don’t know anybody named Elijah who’s female,” Roper said, according to a transcript of the hearing. “I’m not going to do that. I’ve never heard of that. And I know who Elijah was, one of the greatest men that ever lived.”

Feldhaus, a sergeant in the Army Reserve and a student at Augusta University, said in statement that he felt insulted and objectified to be told he can’t use the name that family, friends and co-workers already use.

“It can be a scary situation when I show up for work or the first day of class and my legal name does not match my public presentation and my gender identity,” Feldhaus said. “I just want to change my name so that it reflects who I am.”


edutcher said...

There's a girl named Elisha, but that's weird, too.

Synova said...

That's just weird that the judge didn't allow the name change. If someone wants to change their name to a "symbol" or if they want to change their name legally to Fluffy Bunny Slippers... who cares?

edutcher said...

Hey, Charlie Sheen got that name.

ndspinelli said...

It's all so confusing.

chickelit said...

It makes me so angwy. Trump will fix it. Rice bowls.

Lem said...

Synova is right. I mean the hard part is over. Society at large has accepted the sex change as a kind of civil right.

The name change is the easy part. proforma?