Sunday, June 26, 2016

Westword music festival, Denver, June 25, 2016

I must say first, the music is very good.

They're running things a little bit differently this year. Normally I'd be hearing the clanging of hollow aluminum tubes. I guess that'll be tomorrow. Things started off slowly then built up over the day. People kept pouring in from all directions. Music stages are set up at a couple parking lots within a block area and inside a few clubs on Broadway.

It rained. People scattered to the edges then came right back out to the center of things high and dry unfazed. 

Music is heard for blocks around very loudly all day. The bands play through past nightfall ending around 10:00. People are cleaning up outside now. 

Would you like to see a lot of pictures of people? They all have interest in music in common.

"Sign a petition to raise minimum wage?"

"Interested in signing a petition for sensible gun legislation?"
(Come for the music stay for the politics innit.)
"Hello, I'm working to secure right to die with dignity. Would you like to ..." 
"I"m here for the music not politics." (Lie, I'm here for the pictures)


Jim in St Louis said...

Very Clean Festival, no rubbish, no mysterious gross wet stains on the pavement. Looks like a shortage of green space tho, so no barefeets in the grass. Thanks for sharing.

The petition petitioners pitching policy platforms perhaps could push off.

Lem said...

No petition for Colorado to leave the governors association?

What an outrage!

AJ Lynch said...

Chip I think your camera may be racist. The pics are almost all white people. Heh.

ndspinelli said...

If you travel the West, you will find few black folk.

ndspinelli said...

Then there's Compton, however. Cali doesn't count. Black folk love cities and the West is wide open spaces.

ricpic said...

Wow, some good looking women. Young crowd.

Chip Ahoy said...

Greenspace, yes, that's odd I think to have the two main stages set up in the corner of parking lots (and inside the warehouse club opposite Broadway.) Very odd. It's why I did't bother going in. No photos of the stages. I'd probably use the phone for that anyway.

I never used my ticked. And I turned down tickets for free beer, and I turned down free chips passed out by the guys on the fat bike. That guy offered me one directly. People were taking lots of those. So, free samples along with the politics. Like Cinco de Mayo there's a huge giveaway of free samples that goes on for miles. I mean it. People line up for soap samples and the like.

Everybody is terribly sweet. You would like it. I think Westword started it this way close to their home a block away, even though the very green Civic Center is just two blocks north of this spot past the main library. It is very odd. You're right about that.

Chip Ahoy said...

Race, I think you will see races are well represented. Also I left out over half the photos. I'm seeing in these quite a lot especially given Westword is generally speaking not their type of reading (nor mine) nor this music their type of music. Generally. These interracialists would be pretty much all exceptions to that general idea and yet that is confounded and they are represented.

I left out two closeups of black men engaged with white women that I think are pretty cool. He's on the edge and the composition doesn't work.

Oh, the dude crossing Broadway on 11th with the broken leg walking away.
Up there is the beautiful women walking towards us crossing Broadway at 12th.
The two kids with colored red hair stripes and "up to no good" expressions." up there ↑ crossing 11th in a crowd. A few photos of those guys.

Middle aged heavyset black dude with caw kagen lady with large protuberant pointed norks walking briskly in a breeze that wafts causing light pink fabric to define her forward shape. It is an interesting photo, half red brick background. Our mixture is heavily Latino. The subjects across the street, alone, and small togehter in a brutal hard brick and glass world. Kidding.

The observation is right, though, this event right here is a predominantly caca zoid deal.

ndspinelli said...

Chip, Thanks for the Flickr link. I think you should have someone link it @ TOP. Notice all the men wearing shorts. It would be a great ball bust. Her favorite other state overwhelmed by men in shorts. I wear shorts at least 300 days a year.

William said...

I didn't see any morbidly obese citizens. Is the food really that bad out there?