Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Empire Google strikes back

Via Instapundit:  Google Fires Employee Behind Controversial Diversity Memo. I look forward to the lawsuit and its accompanying discovery.

Related: Rebels of Google: ‘Senior Leaders Focus on Diversity First and Technology Second.’

So I guess shareholders are, at best, third.

UPDATE: Why it may be illegal for Google to punish that engineer over his now viral anti-diversity memo.

Plus the brand damage. Old Google: We hire the smartest people we can get! New Google: We hire the smartest people we can get to parrot SJW twaddle!

And note that one guy, by triggering internal SJW craziness, has done more PR harm to Google than has been done since its inception. It’s like an autoimmune disease.



Amartel said...

This is like that Tom Cruise movie where he's a sports agent and writes an aspirational memo telling the truth about the sports agent world, how it's all hype and lies, and urging a return to first principles and is immediately fired because ... hype and lies are the backbone of the establishment.

Amartel said...

Also, if you're aggressively suppressing an opinion that is not popular with the establishment, you might not really be FOR diversity of opinion. Just pointin' out the obv. It's like, if you're wearing a disguise and beating on people because they don't share your political opinions, YOU MIGHT BE MORE FA THAN ANTI.

Methadras said...

Google has taken a stand in condemning this ex-employees views. So, in reality, his memo was fairly accurate in that Google's diversity policies only apply to gender and breaking stereotypes, but not diversity of thought. The board sent out a condemnation of his views, so in essence, they are telling anyone and everyone who wants to work there or work with Google is to conform to their regressive groupthink or be dismissed, blackballed, or ignored. While this falls under the umbrella of commercial speech. It is amazing to me the sheer mass of the leftist thought bubble that exists in the Bay area. It's literally a leftist groupthink zombie region. If you dare speak outside of the dogma you will be shamed and ruined.

Amartel said...

Meth, not only have they "taken a stand"* against this guy but they are hunting down and purging anyone who had the temerity to agree with his wrongthink. Socialist utopian thinking always ends up with purges. For the good of The People [whispers: in charge], of course!

*Taking a stand" now means "aggressively insisting that subordinates and other peons agree with their betters or pay the consequences." Not exactly a profile in courage stand-taking.

Amartel said...

I know it's the Guardian but it's still worth reading: google goolag avoidance hacks

I've been using Bing search engine for years.

edutcher said...

Gargoyle's big honchos have always seen themselves as Netizens of the world, which is why you have to threaten them to acknowledge an American holiday.

Looks like the Americans are revolting.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

The news media are all lying about the memo.

Meme was provocative, but in no way did the guy suggest what the media are portraying.