Sunday, August 13, 2017

Do you remember your yearbook quote?


edutcher said...

This is why teenagers have higher insurance.

Lem said...

Mine was "follow that cab". I had heard via the great Barry Farber on the radio that "follow that cab" was the 2nd most suspense building line in Hollywood. "I know you are all wondering why I've gathered you all here today" was the first.

Lem said...

ed was starting to find his geico pitchman voice ;-)

Sixty Grit said...

I remember my quote, but I won't repeat it here. It was written by a Nobel Laureate and I have stuck to it all these years.

I might attend my 50th reunion next year, should I feel like driving 300 miles. I might, I might not.

But enough about that.

My internet was out of commission for 48 hours, now it is back. I was watching The Sopranos on DVD and I like the "College" episode from season 1. David Chase explained that he tried to write 13 separate movies for that season and felt that with a bit more writing "College" would have made a stand-alone movie. The plot outline can be summed up as follows "Mobster takes his daughter on a tour of colleges, runs into a mafia rat, kills same. Meanwhile, at home, his wife nearly seduces Monsignor Jughead, the schnorrer, while watching Remains of the Day and drinking heavily."

I was moved by the communion scene - that is a powerful rite that I have not participated in for many decades.

Leland said...

We didn't have quotes. However, we did sign each others yearbook, and the things written with the signatures would likely offend the delegate minds of today's youth.