Friday, August 4, 2017

Art is the problem?


Chip Ahoy said...

Feminists are obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious. Know who's not obnoxious? Women, that's who.

It's why I liked the women in Batkid so greatly. Real women doing real things tremendously. Being feminine and beautiful and great all at once. Not airy-fairy look at my tits and hear me roar things.

I was talking to a 20-something male just recently about women depicted on television shows using NCIS, Bones, and Longmire for examples. Their character development around women were all who's f'k'n whom, who's dating whom, who's getting married, who's having difficulty in relationships. Who's cute, who's desirable, what they'd like to do with them, who they saw doing what to whom. They're so on the nose they're actually scripted to use the word, "relationship" in case you might miss the whole point. Over and over and over, as if that's how women actually speak.

Women do actually speak that way.

But not constantly. Not to the percentage of time devoted to their character development on all of these shows.

And I wonder if the writers even know any women, or if they think they know them all too well.

I wonder if they have surveys, or data, or feedback somehow that compels them to satisfy what they know female viewers want to see. But by the women I know, I sincerely doubt it.

A bit here and there, fine. But not so that plot is relegated to secondary status. I've learned to skip through them now that I see the scenes for what they are, female filler written by malevolent male writers, and I have control to skip past them without forfeiting a jot.

The young man I was speaking to was interested and receptive to the point I was making that he wanted to continue and he used my own language in return. The whole time I was thinking, "hey, those are my words." He too works with women and knows they don't behave as depicted in fiction. They don't behave as this ridiculous feminist who just jumped on the NYT Express to nowhere without any checks or stops. She just joined an outfit already struggling for survival. She'll assist in their rapid decline. So let the dope write and coo whatever however she wishes. She doesn't represent anyone. Not anyone serious.

And I'd be blissfully unaware of any of them, Lena Durham and Emma Sulkowicz for examples, were it not for conservative sites continuously bringing their ridiculous provocative unwholesomeness to my annoyed attention. To these mean nasty sluts, just shut up and suck my provoked protuberance.

But brush your teeth first.

Methadras said...

Chip, it's beyond them being obnoxious. What they really are mendacious cretins. They know full well that their beliefs are so antithetical to the norms of millennia of societal evolution, but instead, engage in willful disruption of these norms in the name of their ideology. They are so twisted in their minds that upending this perverse perception of a patriarchy, that they see nothing else.

edutcher said...

She's obviously not a member of NOW or a contributor to one of the feminut blogs.

PS "mendacious cretins"

Very classy.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Take it up with leftwing hollywood, honey.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

The leftwing hags on "the view" are mostly white.

Got whine?

William said...

She makes a good point. How about a remake of My Dinner With Andre? This time with Lena Dunham and Joy Behar. Box office gold.