Sunday, September 11, 2016

zeiss z1 blue lenses, for epilepsy control

This is via cernovich: Sick Hillary was wearing anti-seizure lenses.

This is spreading like wildfire, or maybe like a plague, or maybe more like an illness overtaking an exhausted body. The story is spreading rapidly. Noticed in comments at Instapundit.

 [zeiss z1 blue lenses]

Media Hoax! Sick Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Pneumonia
Mike Cernovich Presents Danger & Play 

cernovich: Sick Hillary was wearing anti-seizure lenses (Zeiss Z1 blue ...

Finding Zeiss Z1 blue lenses to treat photosensitive epilepsy ...

Sick Hillary Was Wearing Anti-Seizure Glasses – MagaFeed


Chip Ahoy said...

Hmm, displays properly on the phone but not the laptop.

Chip Ahoy said...

Wow. I eliminated a bunch of links because I couldn't get it to display properly. It overlaps with the post below. Sorry.

MamaM said...

I have to click on the post and have it come up by itself, in order for the comments to display.

edutcher said...

Screen issue with the damned twats.

And, yes, that includes Frumpty.

Damn, wouldn't you know it?

First time we've seen her in months looking like a well-dressed woman and it makes her collapse.

Chip Ahoy said...

On the reddit thread the kids (I assume) said what I was thinking.

Her sudden and remarkable recovery simply does not make sense. Knowing how these people operate, the lengths they will go, and the movies we've seen that make extraordinary and outlandish things possible. It looked to me the recovery video was done before the collapse video was seen. Except for a few things. The news yelling "what happened", "how do you feel?" etc. That could have been dubbed in.


They say she has pneumonia yet visits her daughter presumably with their granddaughter. You don't do that when you have pneumonia.

The child really does look to be staged. No crowd apparent, Just Hillary greeting a random (Ha!) child. No, that's some grandkid of one her own crew. Everything is staged with Hillary. Nothing is ever genuine. She hasn't a clue what reality is.

They insist the second healthy Hillary is a body double !

It is the women who point out the ever so slight differences in hair streaking and color, a very slight difference in weight and nose feature, and carrying her purse on the opposite side. They insist that women will know this. It's a thing.

Finally, not surrounded by goons, just Hillary herself striding out to the car, no responses, just hop into the car, nobody Secret Service, no nothing. All that together convinces reddit readers that wasn't Hillary.

The entire thread is surprising. Everybody is convinced she's going down, and fast.

Also reddit is editing, pushing all mentions to second page within hours. This is a top news story, but not on reddit where sillier things come first. And it's pissing them off. It really should be on their first page.

edutcher said...

"On the reddit thread the kids (I assume) said what I was thinking.

Her sudden and remarkable recovery simply does not make sense."

See, nobody's fooled.