Monday, September 12, 2016

Why 15 years after 9/11 Islamist terror is still such a threat?



edutcher said...

Because we had them boxed in, but the Lefties couldn't allow any R or Conservative to be that popular, so we ended up with an America-hating Communist who not only erased all the gains, but put us back to where we were in 1941.

Methadras said...

The RMPC's put victory into the mouth of defeat and now they've turned Islam into a protected religion. Funny how they adopt and comfort evil in the face of the truth.

Lem said...

This guy is saying we 'the west' have to go where Obama dares not go. And invite Muslims to do the same. Make it impermissible in polite company to advocate for Islamist supremacy ideology.

Chip Ahoy said...

Nope. Cannot happen. Not with Boomers in charge. Not when populations set piles of flowers at massacre sites to express their sympathy and sorrow, covering the blood with something pretty instead that dies itself in a few days, along with stuffed toys, balloons, and vapid messages that melt in the rain to be cleaned up by regular street cleaners. These populations are not just not up to the task, they're actually antithetical to it. They honestly believe opening the floodgates to increased migration is the answer. They honestly believe their serenely high values will prevail over base religion felt to its heart because they simply do not comprehend religious belief. They honestly feel themselves too far evolved, too far advanced to accept it. Surely their stratospheric self-regard will sail right over all these base animal instincts. And they (Merkel, Obama, Junker, Cameron, Hollande, et al )will insist on this to their last dying breath even as they're shot in the head by Jihadist. "I told gasp you gasp I was gasp right gaaaaaasp" Sure cannot allow the xenophobic extremist FAR RIGHT racist haters to have any say in these matters. So no, nothing sensible can happen. Including here in the US.

What is their answer? Globalization. Der! An ideal way ahead of its time.

Urantia Book has an interesting take on this. Written in 1934 (I think) Channeled by a drunken with psychological problems. His shrink put him under hypnosis and the book poured out. The longest, tightest science fiction ever written.

The book states that planet is considered settled in light and life when one-world religion prevails. That earth suffered several important setbacks that made it the worst off of all inhabited planets in this local universe. So badly retarded by Lucifer rebellion, by our planetary prince's joining the rebellion, by being cut off from universe communication (to limit the effects of rebellion), by Adam and Eve's failed mission as genetic uplifters, resulting in being the most spiritually retarded planet in the entire local universe and that's Jesus chose it to finish his requirement of inhabiting each of the orders of beings. Why he chose Earth to live as a mortal, because we're the worst of the whole lot. This amazed all the beings of his universe. They reported his doings each step of his way and it blew everyone away.

Chip Ahoy said...

f.u. Blogger character limitation.

One world religion is defined as some 90% or so of the entire world population worshiping similarly. But because of our setbacks, each devolving from the original Lucifer rebellion, the sudden rise of Islam was not anticipated. In their reading another retarded setback in line with the rest.

The portion about the Lucifer manifesto is interesting. Even read as science fiction written by a broken crackpot. It's still an amazing bit of writing.

Lucifer gathers together the leading rulers and teachers of the universe to deliver his manifesto. It amounts to this: So much universe resources are devoted to uplifting the lowest forms of life, to pass through various stages of spiritual re-keying, becoming more and more spiritual as they go until eventually they pass out of the local universe and into the super universe spiritual level to eventually attain such sublime spirituality they reach heaven itself and are marshaled into various angelic corps, by their natures. But seen again, passing down through again, they're nothing to report except vague descriptions of sublimeness. Lucifer thought it better to regard themselves rulers of their own local universe, and disregard the mandates and urgencies dictated to them from super universe levels. To regard themselves top of the heap. Lucifer's order of being is limited to local universe level. In him way of thinking, he can cut out god altogether and he posits a very cogent argument. He convinces a lot of beings who join him. (But none of the teaching Malchavedic Order, who all remained faithful)

If you care to see it, here is Urantia's Lucifer Manifesto. The whole setup is fascinating reading. Whatever your own approach, beliefs or interests, it's still an interesting read.

I think it's interesting that the crackpot writer in 1938 or whenever, had all this down even way back then before this denouement to the clash of civilizations.

Amartel said...

"Why 15 years after 9/11 Islamist terror is still such a threat?"
Why is immigration still uncontrolled?
Why is government still unaccountable?

It's called lack of political will and it explains everything.

Methadras said...

No, the real problem is when you try to fight a politically correct war with rules of engagement that effectively tie your hands in such a way as to allow you to kill just enough of the enemy to be politically expedient while never making a dent in their actual numbers to effectively decline their effectiveness to fight. What really needs to happen is to remove the rules of engagement to allow our soldiers if they choose to do, employ annihilation tactics on villages, towns, people, men, women, children who systematically are involved with any terrorist organization.

Gloves need to come off. That's the only solution.

Orrey G.Rantor said...

I think you mean:

"Why 1400+ years after its founding is Islamist terror is still such a threat?"

Because its Islam. Its the religion of the sword. For pete's sake, Thomas Jefferson sent the Navy and Marines after Muslim pirates who were capturing our ships and enslaving its crews.