Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump rally, Asheville, NC

Here's real entertainment for you. These Trump rallies just keep getting better. One of Trump's lines is, after scanning the crowd and appreciating their attendence, and remarking, "This is a movement" He has touches of practiced comedian, repeated Trumpian interjections "Believe me" is to remark there are a lot more people outside that have waited but cannot get in, "I can tell you."  "Would any of you like to give them your place?" The whole space filled to its rafters shouts "No!" Reliably. It is a Trump standard at this point. Then he asks, "Is there anyplace more fun than a Trump rally?" All the people having waited to see his show obviously all agree.

Trump's message keeps improving as he goes, as it must by anyone with this much practice. He is very comfortable in his message. He's added none of this can happen if you don't actually go out and vote. His coverage improves, the camera angle takes in the whole crowd, and now the coverage includes interviews with the people outside waiting.

The interviewer is especially interested in young people, some still in High School, apparently too young to be interested in politics. But they are. He asks them what it is like to be a Trump supporter in High School, one girl relates her conversation with another girl student who simply cannot comprehend when she tells her from being asked, not pushing the issue, the girl has nothing in response except, "That's just crazy." That's all that's there. No reason for being crazy, except it's not what you're supposed to say. There is no substance there. No comprehension at all except awareness of what she thinks she's supposed to feel and to think, and do that solidly but without knowing why. Simply, "That's crazy." That's all. That is the full extent of their discussion. The full extent of their capacity for discussion.

The REDDIT titles to Hillary Clinton posts show the same thing. Like children they all parrot what they're told they're supposed to be concerned about, Pence refusing to fall into the Journalist's trap of answering  KKK being deplorable (to open the gate to other deplorable types, and then form the discussion around that so that words racist, xenophobic, nationalist etc can structure the discussion) or Trump not releasing his taxes ( while dodging the real and quite serious issue of Clinton losing 6 billion as our employee -- they keep missing that and accepting that we are her employees with no right to demand answers from her.) They're instructed by our corrupted media these are the issues and so they all dutifully parrot. And their minds are closed to thinking outside their own tiny  personal storm shelters.

So it is truly refreshing for media coverage of youngsters waiting in line to attend a Trump rally in this RSBN video. RSBN has responded to comments in previous videos to show the crowd and to cover the people waiting outside. You'll be cheered if you watch it, even part of the way through.

Then the rally itself. A separate video. My interest is observing Trump evolve as political speaker so I skip all the opening acts, a local politician, I think this is solidly Democrat area so that is noted, and Rudy Giuliani delivering predictable warm up. The rally experiences a protest handled too swiftly for the cameraman to show, but Trump takes delight in describing a rude banner they dropped, we do see the protesters dancing off unharmed and disappearing through an upper corridor between stadium seating filled with Trump supporters, everybody in great mood.

And this is the rally (1:05 thereabout) where someone unseen near to the front collapses from the heat presumably and Trump notices and calls for a doctor, instructs that they get water, and he leaves the stage. You see Trump the executive here snapping orders without demanding, just comfortable issuing directions. The sound is disrupted off and on so a bit disconcerting, but he is leaving the mic, after all, then returns to the spot between Teleprompters and resumes his prepared message.

Most notable is the size of the crowd and their energy both inside and out.They're cheerful. It's uplifting. I find them so. Their spirits are higher than my own. My spirit is dragged down by my online reading, by bothering with comments of other's much heavier. and these people's spirits are not. Just watching these videos is spiritually uplifting to the point that my spirit is becoming addicted. And again, RSBN keeps getting better at these, the crowds keep getting larger. Vendors outside more prolific, and so forth.

 Recommended. Except for the addiction part.


AllenS said...

A couple more Trump signs around here last week. There are NO Hillary signs anywhere.

Think about it, who would want to put a Hillary sign up after her near face plant on the pavement collapse?

Sixty Grit said...

In Hashville? I had no idea that anyone living high in the mountains would ever consider voting for Trump.

edutcher said...

Same for us as Allen.

every now and again a Trump sign on a tree or a lawn and nothing for Hillary.

And this is a strong union area.

I like the description of how the protest is handled. No "We have to tolerate alternate opinions" and let them take over, just quietly show them the door.

ndspinelli said...

I have not seen one Trump sign in Madison. That is not surprising. But, as I've said, prior to the convention, I saw countless Bernie signs. The Clinton signs are sparse. I see many more RUSS[Feingold] signs than Hillary.

windbag said...

I was in Asheville yesterday. I didn't see Donald.

AllenS said...

Did you ever wake up in the morning with one of those not so fresh deplorable feelings?