Friday, September 2, 2016

"Student missing for 12 years was 'kidnapped to teach English to Kim Jong-un'"

"David Sneddon was presumed dead after he vanished in the Yunnan Province in western China when he was 24. A student at Brigham Young University, police said Mr Sneddon likely died while hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge near the Jinsha River on 14 August 2004."
But they never recovered a body.

On Wednesday, Yahoo News Japan reported that Mr Sneddon had been spotted in North Korea, where he is believed to live. He reportedly works as an English teacher, and has a wife and two children.

Mr Sneddon’s parents, Roy and Kathleen, never believed the official story that their son had died falling into a river. Knowing North Korea's reputation for kidnapping foreigners, they believed the Kim regime sought out their son for his fluency in Korean – which he used during his time spent as a Mormon missionary in South Korea - and snatched him for their own purposes.


edutcher said...

The Norks get weirder all the time.

Somebody is going to have to do something sooner or later.

Chip Ahoy said...

Poor guy. Poor family. What a drag.

I'm quite ill.

I just filled a whole roll of paper towels with snot blown out of my nose.

And now my nose is chaffed red from that.

I'm not sleeping well at all. But I did dream about my dog. I woke up confused and wanted my dog to jump up and lie next to me. But she's been gone over a decade. Then I got sad about not having a dog. Then I realized I'd have to take outside for a walk and the sadness went away. Straight away. F that. You really must have a house for a dog like that. And the ability to get out quite a lot. And I'm just not up to the work involved. And little dogs ... pfffft .... they're like, not even real dogs.

Sixty Grit said...

Dogs are great. I totally enjoy the ones I have now and miss the ones who are gone. Even Huckleberry, who "went to live on a farm" back in 1955. Parents can be some cold blooded mofos, just sayin'.

But now I have a yard and a fence and two wonderful dogs who take me out for walks.

I think a dog has to be at least 20 pounds to actually be considered a dog. I had a 15 pound cat, so that is my dividing line. Thirty pounds is better, but much above 50 pounds and you have a giant eating machine. Don't get me wrong, there are exceptions, as a recent dog I had weighed 65 pounds and she was awesome.

Also, I have promulgated a naming convention - two syllables, ending in a vowel sound. Once again, there are plenty of exceptions, but currently that is the rule here in the Peaceable Kingdom.

ricpic said...

I'll bet a dish loaded with those hatch peppers would chase away your cold. Only half-kidding. Not sure but I've heard that hot hot food can chase a cold. Or chicken soup. How about chicken soup spiced with hatch peppers?

Let's drop the big one! But not on Kim's slaves. On Kim. If only that could be arranged.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

If they set the Mormon kid up with a Korean cutie and lots of Korean BBQ...perhaps it would not be so bad.

Then again, you piss off the boss and he obliterates you with anti aircraft fire or a missile or something.

Methadras said...

oh boy, so who is going to be in a lot of kimchi after this mess?

MamaM said...

I'm quite ill. I just filled a whole roll of paper towels with snot blown out of my nose.
And now my nose is chaffed red from that.

At the risk of being dinged for scolding, I am going to gently suggest you STOP USING PAPERTOWELS to sop up the outflow. Cut or tear an old pillowcase, sheet or T shirt into squares if you don't have cloth hankies available, and that fabric will be much softer on the nose than paper fibers. More comforting too.

Hope you feel better soon, ChipA. It seems unfair after such a fine time out and about that you got the runs after all, where least expected, from something other than peach juice.

Unfair too that a man be held captive for 12 years while being required to use his gift of fluency to educate others. With his parents holding on to hope from afar.

To Sixty on dogs: there is nothing that can replace a good dog in one's life, except perhaps another good dog, or the shared awareness of the goodness they bring to another. Dogs are the best, including the Huckleberries that had to leave for the farm without proper goodbyes.