Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Remembrance of things Pabst.

Every year around our anniversary we like to go down to lower Manhattan to celebrate. This year we are going to be in Florida next month so we decided to go yesterday.

Of course it was another anniversary. 911. We got married right after 911 and we got married downtown to put our money were our mouth is. A buddy of mine was the general manager of Faunces Tavern which is one of the oldest restaurants in the United States. It is where George Washington said farewell to his officers. We wanted to support the businesses downtown that were devastated by the tragedy so we spent our money there instead of some anonymous catering hall.

I had to go get fitted for a tuxedo which is another story. But while we were downtown two blocks from the memorial we decided to stop by. There was hardly anyone there. The ceremonies were on Sunday. Some people come all the time.

There were flowers and remembrances on various names on the memorial. The memorial itself is a sacred place. I only had similar feelings in a few places. Pearl Harbor. The Vietnam Veterans memorial. The Little Big Horn battlefield.

The pool is a restful place where you can stop and say a prayer and think about those that were murdered by Muslims.

We said a couple of prayers and visited the names of a few people we know who are in the memorial. Then we continued on to the Tavern.

Of course it is not Faunces Tavern anymore. It was taken over by an Irish Brewery and it has become very downscale. The historic trust that ran it sold out because they couldn't support anymore. I understand. Look I was a big supporter but I only got over there two or three times a year. So they did what they had to do. The Museum is still there and worth a visit if you are in downtown Manhattan.

I was able to have a beer. One beer which is my limit these days. Still it was pretty tasty. A red porter.

I miss hanging out in bars. I just can't anymore. Because I am weak. One beer is great but forty are better. So I can't tempt myself.

It was a good night. A time to remember and celebrate.


MamaM said...

Thank you for remembering and sharing here too.

When I watched the History channel's 9/11 show, a week before the date, I was surprised by how powerfully the scenes and stories aired affected me. They brought back the horror of the day, the loss of safety and fear experienced, the huge awareness of lives abruptly taken as people were going about their daily business, fulfilling their responsibilities and attending to their sworn duty to serve and protect. What gave me a glimmer of hope, were the number of people from all walks of life whose actions and responses made a difference for good in the face of destruction. What they did and how they behaved and gave of themselves mattered, and that's the hope I hold onto during dark times.

Being alive to celebrate another year of marriage together is also goodness.

Happy Anniversary to the pair of you!

rcocean said...

Great post.

But 40 beers is better? I'd say 1 beer is good, 3 are better, and 6 are enough. Somewhat like the Thurber quote:

1 martini is all right. 2 is too many. And 3 aren't enough.

Trooper York said...

Thank MamaM.

The Memorial is very moving. We were there at twilight. It was pretty empty. Only people who came to remember without the hoopla of the anniversary. We saw this elderly Italian couple and spoke a few words to them. They were there for their son. We expressed our sympathies and my wife hugged them. It was very moving.

I recommend that everyone who has a chance to go there do so if they come to New York.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Thank you Trooper. Never forget.

Trooper York said...

We feel into conversation with this lawyer from California who was a big Hillary fan. I kept it under wraps as you don't talk politics while drinking.

But I really wanted another ten beers after listening to that bullshit. Jeeez.

virgil xenophon said...

I have no desire to visit the memorial, which, to my mind, is just another wailing wall. Rather, we should have rebuilt on site EXACT copies of the towers to show that we would not be cowed. And to those who say it would be a sacrilege as the ashes/remains of many of those killed still remain at the site: thus it should be regarded as a sacred burial place. While I respect that viewpoint, I would counter by saying that these buildings were structures erected specifically for trade and commerce and those who died there died doing what they loved best and as such the best possible memorial would have been to recreate the site to honor their chosen professions/work. YMMV..