Thursday, September 1, 2016

Free stuff when you're nice

And refrain from swears.

I couldn't stand it. After visiting the fire roasted Hatch tent last week and buying a half gallon of 100% cheery juice, no water, no preservatives, no nuthin' except just straight juice, and enjoying this season's peaches so well, and dreading the week all peach joy vanishes for another whole year, I could not get the gallon sizes of berry juice and peach juice out of my mind. the recurring thoughts just nagged, nagged, nagged, nagged. nagged all day long. And there is only one way to resolve this nagging problem.

Frontal lobotomy.

Okay, make that two ways. Go back and buy it. And I'm glad that I did too because they're nearly out.

It's terribly expensive. You'd object to the cost. Not the sort of purchase for a family of ten children. It'd be gone in half a day.

I don't want the nags to return so I also bought the first guy's recommendation as well, what the heck. I asked him back then what is his favorite thing and he said the queso blanco (white cheese), a dipping sauce for tortilla chips you don't see anywhere else. Not my sort of thing so I dismissed his recommendation.

Bad show.

I believe when you ask a recommendation then take it. Or else don't ask. I broke my own personal rule to live by.

I asked a different guy today, the guy who kept pulling down on the inside of his crotch and undid his belt to readjust it causing me to think, "Look, Bud, ain't gonna happen,"  and he said his favorite thing is the pepper patch salsa. Another dipping sauce. I'm glad he didn't say the jalapeño jelly. That stuff looks weirdly otherworldly green.

Fine. I can always buy a bag of chips or better yet make my own. For corn tortilla chip magnificence.

The man had these red chile peppers spread out on the counter for decoration. I told him I am interested in red ones, mature ones, for their seeds. We discussed planting the seeds and he insisted they must be dried first. 

I don't think so. Consider the plants in the wild. Are those dried? 

I think not. 

They grow where they fall. Get growing soon as they can. The entire chile is like an apple that way. The plant grows however and soon as it can. The fruit rots and the seed is supplied. I don't think the chile rots, the seeds dry then and only then can they grow. No. The plant uses the pod for nutrients to get its roots started. I'm imagining all this. 

Plus the habanero seeds were planted without drying them first. And they are growing like crazy. But maybe Manzano goofed with them genetically to assure they cannot fruit. We'll see. 

He gave me these two un-roasted chile's so that I can experiment. 

Now, isn't that nice? 

Then the man asked, "Hey, do you use this stuff?" And he held up one of three bags of chile powder. Large bags too. This would be several dollars at the grocery and even more at a spice store. 

I said, "Yes. I use it quite a lot. I use it on everything. Even on my Cheerios." He looked at me like I'm some kind of nutter. I lifted my sunglasses and went, blink blink, "What?" Lowered my sunglasses. 

"Here. Have this. Since you've been such a great customer." 

Two free things, just for being conversational and dumping a boatload of cash. I meant to say just now, for willing to pay for top quality farm products directly not available at the usual grocery store. For appreciating their products and effort involved in bringing them to us, and for saying all that. 

I think I'll make popsicles out of the peach juice.

I have no idea why it's cider and not juice. I hope it doesn't give the runs.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

You deserve some freebees.

MamaM said...

ChipA, there seems to be less and less that makes me laugh nowadays and when you do, well that's a freebie. Not enough to make me fork over $80 to upset the tigers that inhabit my lair with the intro of a lifelike mountain lion, but close.

Once again proving that money and the means to survive matters, but so does relationship and an opportunity to let one's self and interests out of the bag of conformity every now and then to share and celebrate life with another.

Trooper York said...

I am scared of those peppers. How you can cook with them is beyond me.

Great post as usual dude. Thanks.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I have seen Hatch peppers sold extra hot, hot, medium, and mild.

The extra hot are definitely hot, but not ghost pepper hot. In salsa or a chili they are excellent. You can cook with them depending on the dish and the sensitivity of the people going to eat it.

The mild are pretty mild, but they have good flavor (better than a typical Anaheim).

ricpic said...

There's too much for you to eat and you've gotta eat it all before 7 PM!

MamaM said...

I hope it doesn't give the runs. I hope it doesn't too. That would be a bad show and a bad end to the goodness traded.

ndspinelli said...

I used to caddy when I was young. On my walk home from the golf course, was an orchard. In late summer and Fall, there was a help yourself keg of cider in the cooler. I think it was .75 for a half gallon. I would chug down a half gallon after caddying double[2 bags] for holes. I would often have to run home to make it to the can. It was like an enema.