Monday, September 12, 2016

"'Baseball is a white man's sport'"

"Adam Jones on MLB's (baseball) lack of Kaepernick protest"
Perhaps someone is quietly sitting on the dugout bench, or even lingering in the clubhouse until the national anthem is over, but no one has publicly made their intentions known.


“We already have two strikes against us already,’’ Baltimore Orioles All-Star center fielder Adam Jones told USA TODAY Sports, “so you might as well not kick yourself out of the game. In football, you can’t kick them out. You need those players. In baseball, they don’t need us.

“Baseball is a white man’s sport.’’ (more)


edutcher said...


I remember Don Newcombe, Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, I guess they were white Negroes

ampersand said...

& the Japanese.

Amartel said...

OH COME ON! ENOUGH already. Kaepernick's desperate attention-troll/effort to extend his 15 minutes of fame and make it difficult for the 49ers to dump him should have died in its crib. But, nooo. Now he's a civil rights hero on a par with Rosa Parks and everyone's solemnly taking a knee, looking sorrowful, and discussing the importance of the first amendment (all while the NFL fully stomps on Unapproved Free Speech by players). It's a BLM re-hash without the inconvenience of inviting the BLM. And it is SUCH CRAP this sudden concern about poor black people, like poor black people JUST SUDDENLY HAPPENED this month. Where was all your kneeling last year? and the year before? Were those poor black people back then not up to your par? I bet that's America's fault, too. And I bet that not one of these assholes can cite to a case of cop on black person violence that is not pure fiction. Kabuki victim theater. "White man's game?" Fuck you, fake victim publicity whore delusional mediocrity.

Lem said...

I can only imagine what he thinks of hockey.

I say I can imagine... but can I really?... when I'm not looking so intently at something looking for a particular flaw?

How much of this is real and how much is confirmation bias.

ndspinelli said...

Smart black athletes choose baseball over football. More money, longer career, no concussions, longer life after retirement.

Sixty Grit said...

Are there any white players left in baseball? The last time I saw a game, and that has probably been 10 years or more, it was all Dominicans wearing necklaces and carrying a knife to cut you with. Okay, that last part might not be quite accurate, but who knows.

All I know is that professional sports are dead to me.

Trooper York said...

I agree with him. That is in fact the problem with both basketball and now football. They would rather celebrate cop killers and their families who enable them on the anniversary of hundreds of first responders who died on 911. Wearing cleats honoring those who died on 911 gets you sanctions and fines. The Dallas Cowboys were denied the right to wear a patch honoring the police officers murdered by Black Lives Matters.

Life is a choice. The NBA and the NFL has made that choice. That is why I will no longer support them or give them my money.

Trooper York said...

I am with Sixty. Most professional sports are dead to me. Baseball is my last stand. If they start kowtowing to the cop killers of Black Lives Matters then I will drop them too.

I think the owners of baseball are smarter than that. We just have to see.

Lem said...

So damaging to his own (I'm assuming) cause.

Baseball runs something called RBI to attract inner city youts to play baseball.

What is a black kid, who may not be sure which sport to pick, supposed to think when he hears a re-known major leaguer like Adam Jones saying this kind of blather?

Stupid ass.

Trooper York said...

Baseball has a problem that was prevalent in the 1970's. The fan base is white and many of the stadiums are in urban areas that are subject to the crime statistics when you are in an "urban" setting. Baltimore is a perfect example. You will remember the fights between baseball fans and the natives who were restless because of Freddy Grey. That is why Baltimore played to an empty stadium. So far the problem has died down a little. But if the changes demanded by the Democrats and Black Lives Matter come to fruition it will be the "Bronx is Burning" all over again.

We are living in interesting times. We can go forward or we can go back.

Methadras said...

ampersand said...

& the Japanese.

And the Latinos.

ndspinelli said...

Sixty, in 2014, 60% of MLB players were white. 29% were Latino, and only 9% were black. That is the demographic that has really declined. As I said, SMART athletes who could play baseball or football choose the former. Of the Latino players, the vast majority are Dominican and Venezuelan. Chinamen make up 2%.