Friday, July 15, 2016

Nigel Farage To Address RNC In Cleveland

Sorry for a link to stale news (announced 2 days ago).

I think it will be an interesting litmus test for Americans. The man is articulate.

As far as I know, Farage has never warmed to Trump.


edutcher said...

Farage doesn't have to like anybody (although Boris Johnson sounds like he'd be more fun).

It's the Brexit message that's pro-Trump and anti-Whig.

Amartel said...

Boris is their Trump. Even looks sort of Trumpish.

ndspinelli said...

Yes. Trump is sorta a hybrid of Trump and Chris Farley.

Chip Ahoy said...

How interesting.

Just yesterday I said to an old man, "British people sure interested in American politics." And the guy nodded affirmatively and said, "They sure do."

I was talking about Milo Yiann-apple-opolis stirring up so much trouble, his silly success on social media, and continuous American costuming, from American Indian chief in full feathered war regalia to policeman and various Village People personas always loaded life stye signaling. Trump supporter, rabble rouser, another foreigner who fancies himself uniquely qualified as outsider to comment on American politics. All those speeches and counter intuition from Alaska to Florida, and he can't even vote here.

Then Nigel speak and he makes eminent sense. So much sense that he's continuously demonized as crackpot by everything British. Everything. He's extreme far right. What he says is completely outside their Overton window that every word of his is ridiculed mercilessly. He's considered joke while their own candidate Jeremy Corbin is truly laughable were he not actually dangerous but few jokes are made even though everyone knows it. They go after Nigel. And he DOES give them the best faces. I have to admit that.

YouTube [nigel farage, trump] You've seen these videos. But in case you haven't. They're all very good. He'll be a highlight of their convention. I hope this is true. I'd like to hear what he says and I'd like to see him pull faces.

Sixty Grit said...

They should hire the giant chicklet toothed Croatian to speak to them.

Rhythm and Balls said...

Lol. I can hear it now:

"Our markets tanked, the housing market went to shit, Europe is now left more unstable without us to influence it - and will probably drift into another war, and I stepped down like a pussy the next day amid widespread national regret and uncertainty, leaving Britain and the conservatives without anyone credible to see us through this mess...

Now follow my example!"

XRay said...

""... our markets tanked,..."

On the one hand, that statement seems to say he is a credible man, I mean, it says it, right there, ..."without anyone credible...". On the other hand he was only credible enough to destroy Britain, I guess. That's confusing.

He fought the fight for 17 years. A hard fight. Always stalwart, articulate, and honest. If I had a nickel for every asshole he made squirm on those EU Parliament seats I'd be a rich man, I'm quite sure. His was a larger vision perhaps, not so particularly concerned with the details. We could use more like him.

Rhythm and Balls said...

I'm not faulting Farage for fighting the fight. I rather admire the job he did at that.

I fault him for saying, "That's it! See ya folks! All this widespread anxiety and uncertainty and fuck-all lack of knowledge for what to do next? You're on your own with that!"

It's pussy-ass stuff. At the least he could have spent all these 17 years coordinating with politicians or institutions that would have been at the ready, and helping to figure out what to do next. He built a movement with all the power and momentum of an act of premature ejaculation.