Tuesday, July 12, 2016

MIr Islam

This site says 2 years for calling in  false 911 emergency alarms. 

Kurt Schlichter posted Mir Islam got two years along with the photo of NRA president and that made me wonder what Mir Israel looks like. 

He is twenty-one years old engaged in carding, doxing, and swatting. He was charged with identity theft. Part of a group of some four other online harassers bothering other students, a cheerleader he was infatuated with, then a bomb threat the White House, celebrities, false shootings, NRA attorney. 

Krebsonsecurity's description is more detailed and personal but not so clearly told as straight news. He's written the most. He says Mir got one year.

Google Images [mir islam] There is a photo a man with Mir's face who works out. With an arm fully tattooed, and gym pants pulled down low to his pubic area. The Photoshopped face has been properly feathered when selected and re-sized appropriately and repositioned to the right angle. His small ear covers the background ear, the two necks align well, and the color shade and tone and value are matched. But the body is out of focus while the face is sharply focused. The person who photoshopped did not apply Gaussian blur to match face to body. So close but no cigar. It's funny because it shows the fat kid knows he does not have discipline and wherewithal to work out, but wishes anyway. The Photoshop put his hangup on display. This one. 


edutcher said...

Should have had any number of books thrown at him.

Chip Ahoy said...

I recently learned something in Photoshop that is going to be very useful. It's something basic.

It has to do with the trickiness of layers and frames. They don't have to be the same thing. They don't have to match. And this solves a lot of confounding problems.

I no longer have to put a background on everything. As the frames advance you tell it which layers to turn on. The frames will go like a film reel, while the layers will light up like piano keys playing a chord. The frames goes bink and the layers simultaneously go strum. And it's beautiful. Finalmente entenderlo. That was the idea all along, duh. *slumps off like a gorilla*