Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hope we have a post on Pissy's conduct at the memorial for the Dallas cops.

Okay, Buddy, you asked for it.


edutcher said...

I take it this is the beginning of his maledictory to the nation that has failed him.

That little bastard got up there called all those cops racists and murderers. He invoked Castile and Sterling twice, not to mention the SOB (Son Of Barry), Saint Skittles.

The ones behind him in the picture look like they're going to throw up. Cops finally stopped applauding when he went into his BlackLives routine.

Okay, Buddy, you asked for it.

Sorry, guys, but is there anything in history like this? A national leader spitting on his (I use the term loosely) people like this? Except maybe Dolf issuing his Nero Befell?

If Hillary holds to this theme (as she has), I wonder how many states it costs her.

Trooper York said...

Why did you think this worthless sack of shit would say anything worthwhile?

His time is almost over.

The cops should have done the right thing.

They should have turned their back on him.

bagoh20 said...

He almost hit the nail on the head there, but just missed it.

It's true that in the hood it's easier to find a gun than a book, especially on the street. The reason is that the culture there tells kids that the gun is the better and more authentic article. Simple supply and demand. If he wants to know where they get that dumb idea, all the President has to do is ask some of the people he invites to the Whitehouse so often. Many of them make a living off of selling that fatal stupidity as art and political commentary.

bagoh20 said...

He's was right though. I mean how many criminals are in the hood selling stolen books? It's all completely accurate if you leave out the part where he says "we flood" and you preface the whole thing with "In the hood...".

Chip Ahoy said...

There are tons more than this before and after. I got tired of screen grabbing them and Blogger here has its limits too.

Chip Ahoy said...

I've been looking at backpacks. The zipper broke on my camera backpack and it's a little too small for some errands around here. So Amazon's been showing me pictures of backpacks everywhere that I go backpacks all over the place and now Prime day helped narrow the lot. I think I got a good one at such a reduced price I don't care if it lasts. It's black. And sturdy. Highly rated. I might doll it up with orange paint. What the heck.

We artist types do that kind of crap because we just don't care. Jiva, the Hari Krishna dude painted his Dock Martins purple. He looks goth.

rcocean said...

The left doesnt seem to do memorials/funerals very well.

They thinks its an opportunity for propaganda and pushing the narrative.

Tin ear.

Surprising given their cleverness is selling shit to the boobs.