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iraqi woman executed for refusing to marry ISIS member

“ISIS jihadis demanded the people of Mosul to watch the brutal execution, and forced dozens to participate in stoning her along with the group’s militants,” al-Malla said.

According to informed sources in Mosul, the woman was sentenced to death for refusing to marry a member of ISIS group.

“The adultery accusation was completely baseless. This woman was executed for escaping her family’s house after an ISIS jihadi asked her hand for marriage and her father agreed,” said Raafat al-Zarari, who is the head of Nineveh media centre. 

“She preferred death instead of marrying one of ISIS jihadis, who are known for their brutality towards women,” Zarari added.

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That Time Barack Obama Said "Pussy" In a Library.

In case you missed it.  A public library where there were women and girls.  Not a private conversation in someone's motorhome.

Jonahs revenge

birds in the eye of Matthew

Friday, October 7, 2016

It Isn't Easy, But It's Easy

The attached video has a moral and religious theme.  That may be of interest to you, perhaps important.

Or perhaps not.  And that's okay.

If the topic is uninteresting to you, no problem.  Just skip over it and go to the next topic.


*Waits for the room to clear*


I don't like either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  I've been listening to my conscience and thinking through which candidate I'll vote for, and it's been a challenge at times.  For a while, I toyed with voting for one of the alt candidates, but that would be wasting a vote and taking the easy way out of making a decision.

My indecision came to an unexpected end Tuesday while watching this video of Reverend John Lankeit delivering a sermon from the pulpit of Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix.


This means everything to me. Which I am moved to write about it. It may not mean a thing to you, we each have free will to think and believe as we have chosen.

I no longer have any question about which candidate will receive my vote, and why.

did you know gandhi was a racist?

Cop almost killed by skell because she was afraid of being on Youtube and being destroyed by the Social Jusitce Mob.....Doesn't she realize that America should be afraid of her and not Cracked out Savages? Sad.

Citing beating of officer, Chicago's top cop says police are 'second-guessing themselves'
Chicago Tribune October 7, 2016 by Jeremy Gorner and Hal Dardick

Chicago’s top cop said Thursday one of his officers was seriously beaten at an accident scene because the national focus on police shootings has caused officers to second-guess themselves.
Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the patrol officer told him she did not use her gun to defend herself for fear of a backlash.  "She didn’t want her family or the department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news," he said.
The injured officer, a 17-year Chicago police veteran, got into a struggle with a man who allegedly was high on PCP after she stopped at a crash scene in the Austin community on the West Side on Wednesday morning.
The suspect smashed the officer's face into the pavement repeatedly until she was unconscious, police said.
“As I was at the hospital last night, visiting with her, she looked at me and said she thought she was gonna die, and she knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to because she didn’t want her family or the department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news,” Johnson said while attending a public ceremony honoring heroic officers and firefighters.

Will Obama and Hillary lead us into a war with Russia just because they are claiming that Trump and Putin are butt buddies?

by Vox Day October 6, 2016
No more "oops-sorry-we-bombed-your-allies" little "mistakes"will be permitted in Syria:
Russia’s Defense Ministry has cautioned the US-led coalition of carrying out airstrikes on Syrian army positions, adding in Syria there are numerous S-300 and S-400 air defense systems up and running.

Russia currently has S-400 and S-300 air-defense systems deployed to protect its troops stationed at the Tartus naval supply base and the Khmeimim airbase. The radius of the weapons reach may be “a surprise” to all unidentified flying objects, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson General Igor Konashenkov said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, any airstrike or missile hitting targets in territory controlled by the Syrian government would put Russian personnel in danger. The defense official said that members of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria are working “on the ground” delivering aid and communicating with a large number of communities in Syria.

“Therefore, any missile or air strikes on the territory controlled by the Syrian government will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen. Russian air defense system crews are unlikely to have time to determine in a ‘straight line’ the exact flight paths of missiles and then who the warheads belong to. And all the illusions of amateurs about the existence of ‘invisible’ jets will face a disappointing reality,”  Konashenkov added.
Translation: if the US pretends to mistakenly bomb Syrian ground troops, Russia will pretend to mistakenly shoot down US planes.

Interesting that all the drums beating about how the evil Rooskies bombed an aid convoy have fallen completely silent. Sometimes, the probable truth of a narrative can be discerned by how quickly it is abandoned.

(Why do we give a shit about Syria? The only fucking thing they have in that shithole is Syrians. The ones that are going to Europe to rape Swedish and German women. Let those disgusting towel heads kill each other until there are none left. They can use mustard gas, mayonaise gas whatever the hell they want to do. It is none of our business anymore. Obama screwed the whole thing up so bad over there that he turned that country into the South Side of Chicago.

Of course Hillary and Obama are talking tough against Russia because it gives their neocon supporters like Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg woodies in their tiny dicks. So they are a reason to point to as to why they are supporting the Clinton Crime family. Because she is tough on Russia. What a load of bullshit. They could blunder us into a shooting war because of their incompetence. Only this time it will be with another superpower not a bunch of camel jockeys. 

What a fiasco.)

"Obama Administration Is Quietly Delaying Thousands of Deportation Cases"

The shift, described in interviews with immigration lawyers, federal officials, and current and former judges, has been occurring without public attention for months. It amounts to an unannounced departure from the administration’s widely publicized pronouncements that cases tied to the so-called surge of 2014 would be rushed through the immigration courts in an effort to deter more Central Americans from entering the United States illegally.

The delayed cases are those of nearly half of the Central Americans who entered the United States as families since 2014, and close to a quarter of the total number of Central Americans who entered during that period, according to figures from the Justice Department.

The delays are being made as a cost-saving measure, federal officials said, because of a lapse in enforcement that allowed immigrants who were supposed to be enrolled in an electronic monitoring program to go free.

Via Drudge:

A preview of what Hillary will do to America.

This woman is frighteningly open about the worst sex toy mishap ever

By David K.LI NY Post October 7, 2016

A British woman misplaced a sex toy before realizing it was lodged inside her backside — still vibrating — forcing doctors to perform emergency surgery.
Modal Trigger
Emma Phillips and her boyfriend Lee MillerPhoto: Caters News Agency
Emma Phillips, a 24-year-old student teacher from the town of Wallasey near Liverpool, was getting busy with boyfriend Lee Miller, 29, on Saturday morning when they couldn’t find their 7-inch-long vibrator.
She pressed on her stomach and could feel vibration, according to The Sun newspaper in London.
“We were looking around the bed in case it had fallen out,” Phillips said. “When I leaned on my stomach I could feel it vibrating — it was stuck low down and at one point was even wedged behind my hip.”
Desperate times called for desperate measures — and BBQ tongs.
“For a while Lee was suggesting all kinds of wonderful options,” she said. “He tried a kitchen fork handle, which we won’t be using again, and said he could feel it at one point but that it was too far up — it was a goner.”
She added: “He tried BBQ prongs too but after a certain point — after an hour of trying — we knew were going to have to go to hospital. We were both a bit shocked.”

cinnamon rolls

Grandmother bakers have known forever the secret to moist bread sweetened for dessert. I've baked cinnamon rolls since I was ten but I was never satisfied with the bread. Mine are too dry. What were successful bakers doing that I wasn't? Finally, I learned last night via internet the secret is potato. Nearly as much as flour by weight. And there is no point to giving amounts, all recipes fudge with the flour, up to a cup over stated amount.

These have pineapple, pecans and raisins, plus 1/16 teaspoon clove. 


While not the exact version I knew and loved growing up, it's close enough -- and always timely.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Anti-Donald Trump ad uses disabled boy

The link goes to CBS.

Poor kid was diagnosed with cancer on his spinal cord at one year of age. Worse than that debilitating condition, he's stuck with two Democrat activists for parents. Viewers in Colorado, and elsewhere presumably, are treated to the lad's parent's political position through his mouth. They're displaying their child to use to their political advantage. So, whereas the boy could be pursuing a childhood unencumbered with adult concers he has his parent's obsession for additional burden.

And it works!

On viewers such as the commenters on the CBS website, to a person, so very sanctimonious, so very unaware this vulnerable demographic is not so untouchable as they insist by their p.c.

In part, the Trump phenomena is reaction to stifling p.c., in part, I said,  that seeks to control by controlling language. And here is Hillary's PAC applying p.c. as usual business. And in this I do know whereof I speak. They've sunk half a million dollars into promulgating this ad and this conceit and it works only on Democrat voters already in the tank for Hillary and already set against Trump. In the end it's really quite absurd.

And you can actually see the strings of the puppeteer.  No you can't, I lied again. But I'm making a point over here, okay?

Don't watch this video because I do not like it. It's only put here as evidence.

Everyone over there on CBS agrees that Trump is just terrible for mocking that handicapped guy earlier who lied about him. For you see, Trump is actually not a politician. Not by a long shot. He's just another wealthy self-centered turd. Whereas Hillary is pure 100% political ambition, all her errors dismissed as misstatements. But still made by professional politician, a turd polished to high sheen. A sick, wasted, corrupted withering turd. 

And never look to a president for inspiration. Never! They are your employee that you hire. Not your inspiration. That's patently ridiculous. Hillary is inspiration for nobody except mob capos on how to avoid justice and how to corrupt government departments. Whereas Trump might be inspiration for persistence through failures and successes in business. Hillary has always taken, and Trump has always provided. If looking to others for inspiration for any reason it would be Trump and not certainly not Hillary Clinton. You have got to be kidding.

Further, Hillary is not interested an any chid's future except to have them beholden to government. 

I told you not to watch the video. It's depressing. This is Lem's Levity, not Lem's Depression. 

So then, by way of compensation and by way of counter argumentation, here are a few hilarious handicapped comedians instead. I watched these today. Some handicapped comedians are better than others. The less they address their condition the funnier they are. But all seem to have a need to address it. Even the ones who are already well  known.

Watch Josh Blue make fun of his own deaf interpreter onstage. He's funny pretending to discover the screen behind him displaying the text of his act as if his speech cannot be understood. His wtf look is priceless.  He incorporates these things into his act. Watch him discover how long his microphone cord is by rolling it up in loops as a garden hose using his affected arm. He knows that he looks hilarious doing that so he makes the most of it for his humor.

One last video. Jack Carroll, a 14 year old auditioning as comedian Britain's Got Talent, brings down the house. The audience leaps to standing ovation. This kid is truly funny. Well worth the time watching. His mum tells us that Jack is more concerned about his act being funny than he is about his condition.

Did I just now say one last video? I lied again. The British are simply not quite so p.c. bound as America has allowed itself to become and that Democrat voters insist. Here is the pilot for one of their television shows called "I'm Spazticus" that features handicapped people having fun punking normal people and going for the humor, I mean humour, in their reaction. Some of the dialog is a bit hard to follow, but all still hilarious. Everybody has fun with this.

There are many more. A LOT more. I find, though, sometimes they discuss their condition a bit too much and that's not so funny to me. Maybe you'll you can appreciate that more than I. 

Nina G, the stuttering comedian. (I think she might have been featured at the Democrat convention, I could be mistaken on this) Even so, apart from politics, she really is quite funny. Such a filthy sense of humor and that's why I like her. She had me cying with laughter.

Mysoon Zayid, a Palestinian comedian. This video is very funny, more so than some of her other videos. Unfortunately the shaky-cam vertical phone is held by person more afflicted than she. It will rattle your eyeball out of their sockets. Still, very funny. From a disabled rejection point of view as well as a Palestinian stereotype rejection point of view. 

Who said women aren't funny? These women have me cracking up along with their audience.

Stella Young, an Australian little person who passed away. Her TED talk is not that amusing. She's a disability activist who works humor into her discussions. 

Whereas another little person, Sean Stephenson has near perfect timing and exquisite sense of cynical irony. The video sound is poor quality.

Eric Mee, a blind comic who plays San Francisco. 

And too many more to continue to list here. You can find them all on YouTube.

However, none of that is what I care to talk about today. It's not my chief interest today. 

I'm too blown away by own dream. I know, I know, it's wearisome to read, and nonsense to everyone else,  but to me it is far more important than Hillary Clinton's PAC shenanigans and the people that those stupid tactics work on, more meaningful, more enlightening to me, more forceful to my own self-awareness, and a load more entertaining than all this. 

If you care to, something entirely different. Almost ... 

Vox Day's prescription to fix the NFL decline.

  • Reduce the 17-week, 16-game season to 15 weeks, with 14 games.
  • Ban all politics by players and the league. No more flags on helmets, pink cleats, or protests. If the league can discipline a player for wearing the wrong color wristband, it can do so for failing to stand at attention, Bud Grant-style, for the anthem. Black helmet stickers for one game to honor a deceased player, coach, or owner are acceptable.
  • Cut down on the number of flags, particularly those that nullify a big play without having directly affected it. And get rid of instant replay. It's only made matters worse, to the extent that no one even knows what a catch is anymore.
  • Stop emphasizing the pass. 500-yard passing games are flag football and BYU, not the NFL. Pass interference is 10 yards, automatic first down.
  • Encourage more white players by adopting standard, race-neutral 2-game bans for an arrest, 4 more games for a conviction. Teams will tend to prefer the more law-abiding marginal white players over the more athletic marginal black players because the former will be able to stay on the field.
  • No more wild card teams. Win the division, make the playoffs. Two rounds and the Super Bowl will end playoff fatigue.

U2, Brute?

Bono has a major boner for Hillary:

Did you hear that Trump was "destroyed" by Bono...eviscerated?

Football Player says Cops need to be retrained.....because he know what he is talking about.

Breitbart News by Daniel Leberfeld October 5, 2016

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin challenges the attorneys general of all 50 states to review the training of police officers in light of the recent shooting deaths of several African American suspects.

“As an American, a black male in this country, I’m suggesting, calling — I’m demanding that all 50 state attorney generals call for a review of their policies and training policies for police and law enforcement to eliminate militaristic cultures while putting a higher emphasis on de-escalation tactics and crisis management measures,” Baldwin said. “The situation that’s upon us right now and that’s going on in our country is devastating. But now it has to reach a point of intolerable. We cannot tolerate this. Lives are being lost.”
But what about suspects cooperating with the police and not escalating matters by being combative? Wouldn’t that help cut down on police shootings? Breitbart Sports asked Baldwin, after Sunday’s Seahawks-Jets game, if any of the blame for police shootings lies with non-cooperative suspects who endanger police.
“That is a non sequitur,” Baldwin responded. “You are not even following the premise when you ask that question. The reason why that is not even a conversation is law enforcement are given consent. You can Google it. Basically what it says is that they are agents of our government. We give them authority to govern us. So, if an agent of the government is not following the laws and policies or is not well-trained or not getting sufficient training to handle citizens who are not professionally obligated to protect communities, are not professionally obligated to protect communities like law enforcement are, that is where the issue lies.

"What is the funniest movie you have ever watched?"

Top Reddit comments...

*The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!* - Leslie Nielsen at his funniest

Young Frankenstein.

Life of Brian

The Jerk when I was young. I thought I would die from laughing so hard

Blazing saddles

Office Space


My Cousin Vinny.

The Ace of Spades calls a Spade a Spade.

Sean Hannity: Megyn Kelly, You're a Hillary Clinton Supporter


I don't know why this is a big story.
I suspect it comes down to three things:
1. Fox is a fairly stage-managed operation and so a bit of backstage bickering is interesting.
2. The conservative movement is over-interested in personal squabbles between its "celebrities."
3. The NeverTrump class that controls most of the commanding heights of conservative media isvery opposed to saying people who clearly support Hillary Clinton clearly support Hillary Clinton, for purely self-interested reasons. They want to support Hillary Clinton while forbidding you to note the obvious, on pain of shunning and whatever actual purging from the party they have the power to pull off.
It's their plot to tank the election, then come forward as the leaders of GOP thought again.

Basically, their plan is to give West Point to the British, and then, after the war is lost, they want to demand that America put them back in charge of West Point again.

To "save the party" or whatever.

They have therefore agreed mutually among each other that to call an obvious Hillary supporter an obvious Hillary supporter is on the level of a racial slur, a disgusting insult never to be uttered. And anyone who dares to speak the obvious should be branded guilty of a speech crime akin to racism.

One More: I forgot to include this one:
4. The conservative movement as a whole is a stage-managed operation. There is this wrongheaded idea that we must hide all internal disagreements so that the liberals and/or the media do not see it. Necessary arguments are squelched in the interests of "presenting a united front."

Then the putative leadership class wonders how the hell it so badly misread the electorate, while the putative intellectual class wonders why people aren't as psyched about free trade as everyone was at their last Cato Institute symposium.
So it feels weird to have a public argument, instead of the sublimated passive-aggressive sniping that we usually have.

"Working class white men make less than they did in 1996"

Working class white men saw their income drop 9% between 1996 and 2014, according to a new report from Sentier Research. This group, who Sentier defines as having only a high school diploma, earned only $36,787, on average, in 2014, down from $40,362 in 1996. (More)

Via Reddit:

Meanwhile, college educated white men saw their income soar nearly 23% over the same period, from $77,209 to $94,601.

"Sean Hannity calls Megyn Kelly a Clinton supporter"

Conservative pundit Sean Hannity leveled what he might consider the worst insult imaginable at anchor Megyn Kelly in a tweet Wednesday night, which said she "clearly" supports Hillary Clinton.

The tweet was apparently in response to Kelly comments earlier in the evening on The Kelly File when she accused both presidential candidates of avoiding tough interviews.

"They're both in their own version of a presidential protection program," Kelly said. She said Clinton makes sure "she is not in a place where she feels uncomfortable or anything unexpected could come at her, which is why she sat for a half an hour with Mary J. Blige, the singer, which is why she did Entertainment Tonight this evening."

Via Drudge:

wild animal sanctuary outside of Denver

I did not know about this until tonight.

This is a large rescued wild animal sanctuary build at Hudson Colorado, and I hadn't heard of that place either until tonight.

It is located directly north of the Denver International Airport, so the sound of jet engines must be comforting. It's as far north of Denver as Boulder and a little farther east of Denver as Boulder is west of Denver, if that makes sense, that is, if you were to triangulate. Here, look.

Klicken Sie für große
The information site that I read said if you use your GPS don't obey it because it will send you on bumpy dusty rural unimproved back roads, be sure to stay on the highway all the way to Hudson. And it will cost you $30.00 entrance fee. They're trying to get people to adopt animals and to be supportive of the place. 

Apparently not that many people are aware this place exists. There are only 4 images pinned on Google Earth.

But first, here's something that one of the sites that I looked at tonight ended with saying, "Don't be one of these people" and this feedback garnered all the remarks. 

"Our visit was wonderful but we never saw any bears. Please train your bears to be where guests can see them. This was an expensive trip to not get to see bears."

Ha ha ha ha ha. Bless. 

This reminded me a traveling show aired a decade ago. A group of young travelers were paid to explore different places in pairs. They all did excellent things. A pair went to Alaska and they hiked through the woods, climbed over a hill and down the other side where rivulets drained to shallow pond with a stony bottom that itself drained to a larger rivulet then eventually down to the ocean. They chanced to coincide with salmon spawning season and the whole pond was loaded with bright red salmon. As television viewer I was thrilled. Thrilled for them, for the encounter of a lifetime. The fish were all sexing it up, still it seemed like walking upon something holy. The thought of what those fish went through to get there, these, the survivors. It's breathtaking. The fish are exhausted. This is their last thrust to project life. They will soon all be dead. This is fish-private sanctuary. It's all quite incredible. 

After all that. After having been treated to the finest thing imaginable, upon reviewing their experience the young woman guest/t.v. hostess complained, "But we didn't see any bears. I wanted to see a bear." 

Dear woman, no, you do not want to encounter a bear. Just incredible. 

So, a lot of walking then. I'm not sure I'm up to it, but it does look like a lot of fun. 

What kind of a person would stay married to a rapist?

Of course the main stream media and all of the Nevertrumpers who pretend to offer "advice" would never want Trump to broach this topic. Never mention anything about the Clintons and what their administration would look like. Non stop criminality. Investigations. Impeachment proceedings. A replay of the first time around. With the main stream media covering up and the so called conservative opposition rolling over so their tummy can get rubbed.

American is on the pool table and the Chinese, Soros, the Kochs and all the rest are lined up for the train.

Clown LIves Matter

Washington Examiner By Kyle Feldscher 10/5/16 

After a wave of creepy clown sightings and crimes committed by people in clown masks, professional clowns around the country are fighting back by declaring 'Clown Lives Matter.' 

People in clown make up or costume have been spotted around the country in recent months, resulting in headlines questioning what exactly is going on. Many people have been frightened by the sightings and, in recent days, people dressed as clowns have begun robbing people. 

Professional clowns see this as a threat to their livelihood. Jordan Jones, aka Snuggles the Clown, told a Pennsylvania TV station that his work is suffering because of it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WKRLEM: Hurricane

So what is the smartest thing I ever did? Go to Florida right before a major hurricane hits.

I went to Florida for a wedding this weekend. A beach wedding. Imagine that.

So now everything is fucked up. We don't know if there will be a wedding. We don't know if there will be  a Florida.

I just think it is all hype. But we shall see what we shall see. I might not be posting as I might not have power. I am counting on Ed to carry the ball for Trump. Fight the good fight buddy.

"A 7-year-old told her bus driver she couldn’t wake her parents".

For more than a day, the 7-year-old girl had been trying to wake her parents.

Dutifully, she got dressed in their apartment outside Pittsburgh on Monday morning and went to school, keeping her worries to herself. But on the bus ride home, McKeesport, Pa., police say, she told the driver she’d been unable to rouse the adults in her house.

Inside the home, authorities found the bodies of Christopher Dilly, 26, and Jessica Lally, 25, dead of suspected drug overdoses, according to police.

Also inside the home were three other children — ages 5 years, 3 years and 9 months. (More)

Via Reddit:

thank you card, pop-up prototype

This is a Lem's Levity exclusive. You won't see anything like this anywhere.

This is the rough draft that experiments with which type of mechanism to use, the placement of things, their size, they way they work, how they move, the directions they move, the best angles to use, how they interfere with each other, how they fold back, types of tabs, their size and their placement, the placement of dialog and how the mechanisms stack and bulge when folded, how they all open.

It's all very rough and worked out on inexpensive card stock.


"Russian state newspapers predict ‘direct military conflict’ with US as it compares Syria stalemate to Cuban missile crisis"

The US  suspended contact with Russia over Syria on Monday.

Secretary of State John Kerry has been enraged by  airstrikes on rebel-controlled areas of Aleppo.

Hundreds of innocents are believed to have been killed in the attacks.

BBC Russia correspondent Steve Rosenberg referred to two Russian newspapers taking an aggressive tone towards the US. (More)

Via Drudge:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

VP debate

canopic jars

Google images [real canopic jars]

You can buy these on eBay and such but none of them come close to the real thing. It's disappointing. I saw the jars pictured below elsewhere and thought, "Hey, that's rather good."  Too bad we cannot find anything nearly this authentic online.

Sorry. I couldn't resist. Look, sometimes it's just hard to be serious, alright? 

The word “canopic” is not Egyptian. It comes from Greek by way of misunderstanding. One of their heroes was worshiped at a place named for him in the form of a jar. The ancient Greeks traveling to Egypt saw these jars and made the connection with their own myth and the name stuck. 

Mummification is a process of drying out the body using natron, a desiccating material common in Egypt, however, it doesn’t work on all the sloppy wet internal organs. And, as the rite is applied to people of importance then the internal organs couldn’t be just tossed in the compost heap like the insignificant gushy brain.

The first known version of canopic equipment was a segmented box that held the pharaoh’s bundled internal organs that was found in paving block near the sarcophagus of Khafre at the second pyramid of Giza.

The first boxes were made of wood then by the 4th Dynasty organs were placed in pottery jars or simple stone jars. The cases that held the box that held the jars were cut from stone. These stone boxes were sunk into pits in the floor at a specific cardinal point in the chamber with the sarcophagus. 

During the First Intermediate Period where order broke down at the end of the Old Kingdom rule was divided by two competing powers a change occurred to the canopic jars where the lids of the jars inside the box changed from flat lids or simple domes to the shape human heads with cartonnage masks, a material made from papyrus and linen and plaster painted to resemble human faces. The form of the boxes were also elaborated from simple chest with the name of the deceased to the shape of a coffin with inscribed text all around it to link more completely the chest with the sarcophagus. The form was settled by the end of the Middle Kingdom. So, with exceptions, the form of most pharaonic equipment consisted of a stone outer chest closely matching the sarcophagus with an inner wooden chest to comport with the coffin holding four jars. 

The four jars held the four main body organs identified with the sons of Horus. The hieroglyphic inscriptions identified them. The four gods protecting the organs were themselves protected by goddesses.

The liver was protected by Imsety, protected by Isis
The lungs were protected by Hapy, protected by Nephthys
The stomach was protected by Duamutef, protected by Neith
The intestines were protected by Kebehsenuef, protected by Selket

The inscriptions on the box invoked the protection of the goddesses and proclaimed the honor of the deceased. 

At the 18th Dynasty the lids to the jars took the shape of their protectors so now the contents can be identified by their lids. 

Hapy is a baboon.
Duamutef is a jackel
Kebehsenuef is a hawk
Imsety is human form

The chests were elaborated to the shape of a shrine on a sled. 

The heretic king’s canopic equipment changed dramatically on several points. In the case of King Tut, the alabaster chest holds alabaster jars that are all representations of the king that contain exquisite mini gold coffins containing the internal organs. These tiny coffins are masterpieces on par with his three coffins. The alabaster chest is placed inside a separate shrine on a sled.

Later, all this broke down and canopic jars were not stored in chests anymore and eventually the viscera were mummified separately and returned to the body cavity. 

One of Tut's four canopic jars.
I stood in front of one of these jars completely mesmerized. I went back five more times. Inside both sides are filled with vertical inscriptions. They're quite astonishing.

Tut's canopic coffin holders.

Tut's shrine on a sled that held his canopic chest.

Tomb raiders! Sacrilege! We went in there and just tore all this up. We have no respect at all. None.  Like it's all just a matter of interest to us.  

"Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent

A total of 1,992,219 background checks were processed through the bureau's National Instant Criminal Background Check System for the month of September, higher than the 1,795,102 conducted in September 2015.

The number of checks run through the FBI's NICS system is a reliable indicator of how firearm sales are trending, though there is no precise correlation between the number of checks and the number of guns being sold. Licensed dealers are required to run a check in the database every time they make a sale, but sometimes turn buyers down.

Via Drudge:

sweet potato crisps

People online complain in comments that no matter what they do their sweet potato crisps do not crisp so they give up. 

These are crisp. First time. Although most are overly browned. 

I looked at two recipes and they both instruct to use coconut oil and rosemary, but I don't know why. 

I crushed sea salt in a mortar and thought, "Well now,  how much salt would I add to a single sweet potato?" Then used three times that much. That was a mistake. And I knew it at the time. 

I think I just now poisoned myself with salt. 

This sea salt has less sodium than table salt, but I still used way to much. When am I ever going to learn? 


That's when. 

I have a lot of baking trays each with its own Silpat, six I think, like a restaurant over here, so I baked all three trays at once and switched them around halfway. Why mess around? That's my motto. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Truth Is Subjunctive

Overheard at Althouse:
October 3, 2016 
If fat-shaming is wrong...... what about basement-living-shaming and barista-shaming? 
The first word "if" is the giveaway that what follows is hypothetical and not factual. But Althouse used the indicative mood for the verb, giving credence to the premise: "fat-shaming is wrong."

Now re-express the idea in the subjunctive mood:
If fat-shaming were wrong...
... what about basement-living-shaming and barista-shaming?
My version may sound stilted and dated -- but it should! The premise should be cast with doubt because it is a tenuous premise. 

Can you see how the Althouse/indicative mood helps you to accept the premise? 

*Our word "shame" is cognate with the old Germanic word for "pudenda." Link

weighing of the heart

Educator made me think of this in the song of the south thread. Apparently Hillary has a gurney on hand at her Akron rally. A troubling sight, just last week a long time friend was wheeled of during our beer bottling session. And I've had rides on those those things myself. Just recalling fills me with dread. It doesn't necessarily mean someone is close to death but it's never a good sign. Never. And the worst thing is sometimes you're so bad off that you're out completely and can't even hear the siren. And there goes your childish aspiration of imaging everyone on the road pulling over and getting out the way just for you. (What a stupid thing to want. I never considered I'd be bad off if ever inside an ambulance. I only thought of the fun)  Or even worse than that, the EMTs don't even turn the siren on, because the hospital is so close and traffic is not heavy. The last time I did hear a siren. "Is that siren ours?"

"No. That's somebody else."

What a bummer! But then checking on that new report [hillary, gurney, akron]  at Infowars, commenter The Gooch said "Has anyone checked on Hillary today? She hasn't had a coughrence in almost a day!" And that malapropism of his had me laughing so hard that my dread evaporated and replaced with mirth. Levity of the darkest kind. That makes me bad. But I don't care.

Christians fret over the idea of meeting their maker. Religious people, even today, still tend to regard the immediate afterlife coming face to face with God, or with Jesus, or with St. Peter barring their entry to heaven until their deeds in life are assessed for worthiness by weighing their thoughts, their sayings, their deeds as written in the "book of life." After all the teaching of Jesus aimed at inculcating a new concept of God as loving father, Christians still tend to hold an impression of God as supreme bookkeeper whose main interest is making damaging entries against his children on Earth. And that's a real shame so far as their own spiritual development goes.

Nevertheless, having said all that, it's still fun as hell imaging Hillary's crimes of raw ambition against her own party, her government, against the unwitting citizens of the United States, even against citizens of other countries, by her insatiable grasping, her distorting of everything, her straight up corrupting every person and every thing around her being weighed and measured for her disposition in the hereafter. Since we cannot have justice for them all in the present.

In the Egyptian Duat, or Amduat, there are several names for these scrolls of spells collected over thousands of years and changed in nature as they developed, known as "The Book of Going Forth by Day" or "Going Forth Into the Light" originally upward, then later subterranean, known today commonly as "The Book of the Dead," one of the chief spells, the spell most recognizable, the spell that is illustrated the most, and this is where Egyptian hieroglyphs are pulled down from text and developed into real elaborated art, we see the deceased's heart weighed against a feather before they can proceed.

And you think, "Oh man, that means everyone is doomed because all actual human hearts weigh a lot more than a feather. No fair!"

It means, the contents of one's heart is weighed against the Maat, itself meaning "balance." Conceptually then, the contents of one's heart (a pharaoh's heart) weighed against balance itself.

Eventually it became a all encompassing concern for every official familiar with these myths and these spells. It's why they were constantly repeating in their formulaic writing when referring to a king  "the justified" and included along with a whole list of epithets that sound like Star Trek's Lwaxana Troi bring introduced to officials. Here, in the translation of the stela of Mere, described as a butler, but that's another translator's liberty, Merer has written for posterity what he would have us all know:

First all the epithets for Anubis for an offering through the god.

who is upon his mountain
in the place of embalming
Lord of the sacred land
In all his beautiful and pure places

All that is very formulaic. This is seen everywhere. "An offering of bread and beer." And now more formula applied to himself, Merer.

For the worthy of honor.
Butler and overseer of the butchers.
Of the entire nome of Edfu.
Priest of slaughtering and offering in two temples.
On behalf of 13 rulers (he's counting dead rulers, because that's quite impossible. He's exaggerating)
Never was wrongdoing in me.
I did not steal.
I was not spat in the eyes.
My beauty of speech.
The knowledge of my council.
My bending of shoulder (respect)
I have done what the great ones desired.
I am a character beloved of his companions.
I have advanced to the front.
I have attained honored state.
My heart acquiesced to Maat. (Inclined to the feather)
I have never delivered a living person to a potentate (falsely accused)
My name is good among all men.
I never told lies against a living person, an abomination agains Anubis.
When another town feared, this town had reason to be pleased.
I got cattle, lands, and copper.
I nourished my brothers and sisters. (the formula is fed the hungry, clothed the naked. They often say, when a traveler asked for water I gave them milk.)
I buried the dead and nourished the living.
I sealed off their fields and mounds not allowing their water to flood so that his people may swim
I caused Upper Egyptian barley to be given to the town.

Images, [weighing of the heart] Most are on papyrus and in poor condition. Here is a modern abbreviated representation:

The object on the scale that looks like a vase is the word for heart, "ib." It is not a vase. It is not a human heart either. It is a heart of an animal, mostly likely a cow. It is found in the category of "parts of animals, midway in the list, F34.  So then, if the contents of the human heart outweigh the balance of Maat then the individual standing nearby, is tossed to the composite monster waiting for results, and devoured, and that's the end of that. This is what early Egyptians feared most and that's why all the formulaic bragging and disavowing of evil. The thought of facing this eventual scene tended to keep officials well behaved. 

Oh My Papa!

Oh my papa
To me he was so wonderful
Oh my papa
To me he was so good
No one could be
So gentle and so lovable
Oh my papa
He always understood

Gone are the days
When he would take me on his knee
And with a smile
He'd change my tears to laughter

Oh my papa
To me he was so wonderful
Deep in my heart
I miss him so today
Oh my papa
Oh my papa
Oh my papa


How may do-overs do you get in life?

In your twenties, you get do-overs for mistakes you made as a teenager.

In your thirties, you can get a do-over for mistakes you made in your twenties.

In your forties, and maybe even in your fifties, you can still get do-overs, although you'd hope not to need them for having acquired wisdom.

But in your sixties and beyond,  you really don't have much opportunity (or time) for do-overs.  Which is why we traded Mr's. Haz's responsible, proper, staid, level-headed, right-thing-to-do, economical, four door, fuel-mizer sedan on a convertible.  A three hundred twenty horsepower convertible.  Because we might not get the opportunity again.

We took a drive on this spectacular autumn day.  When this day ends, we won't get to do it over.  Days (and years) are like that.

Perfect blue skies, not a cloud in sight.  Temperature in the sixties, crisp, clear air. We played the Elvis station on Sirius, and drove narrow two-lane back roads.  Roads where the hardwood trees form a canopy over the lanes; a tunnel of gold and red and green and brown leaves, with the sun shining through in places like God smiling on us.

The dry aspen, birch, and poplar leaves made a light crunching sound when we drove over them; the wind from the car scattering them to the shoulders.

We laughed, we chatted, we smiled non-stop.  If you miss a day like this, you don't get a do over.  The day is gone.

Take a break from what you do.  Find a moment or an hour for peace and contentment.

You might not get to do it over.