Monday, October 31, 2016

The only good thing the NFL has done in ten years!

How Bills fan launched ‘Tom Brady’s dildo’ onto the field New York Post By Mark W. Sanchez October 31, 2016 

The Bills fan saw his opening, and he launched “Tom Brady’s dildo” toward its namesake.
The sex-toy thrower has (somewhat) come out of hiding, revealing how he turned another Patriots-Bills blowout into the NFL game with erotica on the field.
The Buffalo fan, who did not divulge his name, appeared on a podcast with trainwrecksports after Sunday’s game to explain the mystery of the sordid toy that flopped onto Ralph Wilson Stadium’s grass.
“Me and my girlfriend were ’70s porn stars for Halloween, and she left a rubber dildo at my buddy’s house,” he said.
The party was Saturday, and when he woke up Sunday, he spotted that it was left behind.
“I’m thinking pretty much in my head this is Tom Brady’s dildo, so I saw it … I wrote in sharpie ‘Tom Brady’s dildo’ on it.”
Images obtained by Deadspin appear to confirm the scribblings.
That was the easy part. Well, they all were easy parts, apparently. He said he had no issue whatsoever with security, as a simple extra pair of pants either adequately concealed his companion or scared off security.
“I wore two pairs of pants,” he said. “… I just put it in there, they didn’t even pat me down. I walked right in with it.”
He let it fly late in the third quarter as the Patriots were driving for what would be a touchdown. As wide receiver Chris Hogan was brought down, TV cameras captured the 12th man on the field.
“My goal was pretty much to get it as far as I could on the field,” he said. “I was in row 18 I believe, I was pretty far away.”
Too far away for Bills police justice. The fan said he had no issues with Buffalo security, who didn’t know where the toss came from.
“Everyone was just stunned,” he said. “… Everyone was just looking at the field at the time I threw it, and no one came, I didn’t get in trouble.”
“Only in Buffalo” Brady told WEEI on Monday.


Amartel said...

I was thinking that that was very thoughtful of Titus. Returning borrowed items. Something borrowed AND something blue. All in one. Having buffed it thoroughly first, of course. But would Titus even enter the Buffalo city limits? Much less the stadium? Hmm.

edutcher said...

It's getting weird out there.

Maybe the election is coming just in time.

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Adamsunderground said...

Buffalo gals won't come out tonight, won't come tonight

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Little reported fact: Brady kept the Dildo and said "I'll be in my bunk"