Friday, October 28, 2016

WKRLEM: Tears of a Cuck

By Vox Day Vox Popoli Blog October 28, 2016

David French demonstrates that he definitely wasn't the man for the job as he cries about how mean the Alt-Right is to NPR, of all places:
In September or mid-September of last year, I had noticed that Ann Coulter, who is a very prominent supporter of Donald Trump, was tweeting out a lot of thoughts that are common to this part of the right - even though I hate to even call them part of the right, they call themselves part of the right - called the alt-right that were explicitly white nationalist in their tone and tenor. And so I wrote in our group blog on National Review called The Corner that Ann Coulter was deliberately appealing to these people. And I - and basically and politely said this is something that's inexcusable and it has no place in the conservative movement.

And then I had no idea what was about to happen next. My Twitter feed basically exploded. I have - did not have that many followers - in the thousands, certainly not like the more prominent folks in politics, but it was unbelievable. I began to see images, for example, of my youngest daughter, who we adopted from Ethiopia many years ago, who at the time was 7 years old - images of her in a gas chamber with a - Donald Trump in an SS uniform about to push the button to kill her. I saw images of her Photoshopped or, you know, artist's rendering of her face in slave fields.

I was called all manner of unbelievable names, which is kind of par for the course for Twitter, but among them was this term that has gained currency in recent years called cuckservatives. Cuckservative is somebody who's been cuckolded by the establishment, by the liberal elite. And then people began to refer to my wife as having sex with black men when I was deployed to Iraq in 2007, 2008. And it just descended from there. And that's a side of Twitter I know that others had experienced, but I had certainly never experienced it before. And then it just got worse.

GROSS: So this was all because you criticized Ann Coulter?

FRENCH: Yes, it was because I - not just criticized Ann Coulter. I mean, that happens all the time. I mean, she's a frequent target of criticism. It's because I criticized this group called the alt-right. It's - and for, you know, those who don't know what the alt-right is, it's a collection of mostly younger people who are rebelling against mainstream conservatism, rebelling against progressive liberalism and have really began to adopt white nationalism, white identity politics.
All I did was politely try to John Birch conservatism's most popular writer out of conservatism! And then they were mean to me! They sent me pictures!

The horra, the horra.....

What all this whining indicates is that the ruthless, relentless meming of the Alt-Right is effective. When they cry racist, send them King Kong and field hand memes. When they cry anti-Semitism, send them swastika and oven memes. The reason they are attempting to ban memes from social media is because it is powerfully effective rhetoric. It is rhetoric that resonates and persuades.

White nationalism and white identity politics are the future for whites. The inescapable future. There is no future for "I don't see color" posing anymore, because even if you want to pretend you don't - and we all know you do, because you make such a particular point of your faux moral preening - every single black, Muslim, Jew, Japanese, Han, Mexican, and Pakistani most certainly does. They see more than color, they see culture and creed too. Even if you're unwilling to accept that your color, culture, and creed is your uniform, all of those things will be their target.

And if we're lucky, you will be what you'll superficially pass for.

I understand this is difficult to accept for those with mixed blood or mixed families. It doesn't matter. Human nature has not changed. The patterns of history have not changed. Ethnic conflict and ethnic cleansing are going to happen in the United States just as they have happened in almost every other polity that allowed itself to become seriously mixed. Homogeneous societies do not appear ex nihilo, they are born from heterogeneous societies.

Guess how?

In fact, the primary reason the ethnic conflict now taking place in the USA is happening at a relatively low level is because the ethnic cleansing is still voluntary. We call it "white flight" and "Hispanization", but the effect is still the same. Don't delude yourself. The socio-political disintegration of the USA is already underway. By the time the mainstream notices and is willing to admit what it is and why it is happening, it will be far late to even slow the process down.

In the meantime, enjoy this confession:

I know journalist after journalist, writer after writer, public figure after public figure who literally dreads opening their Twitter app right now.
Give them the gift of fear. They deserve it, for they are the 999 lying mouths of the Devil.


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

There are guys who are eager to raise another man's offspring. My go-to surmise is that they get sexual access to the mother in the bargain. I have no standing to say whether that's a good thing or a bad thing but I can say that it's not my thing.

edutcher said...

Anything that anybody says about NRO, it deserves.

As long as it's bad.

Jim in St Louis said...

Hello Lem- I honestly thought that you would yank Troop’s leash and put his muzzle on. His post below is really vile. Not cool, man. This is not loveable old Archie Bunker with a heart of gold, this is a seriously hate filled individual who is desperate to spread his disease to everyone else. Well not me. I reject EVERYTHING he wrote below. Troop is the shit stain that conservatives are going to have to scrape off the bottom of our boots before decent folks will allow us back into their houses again.

Trooper York said...

This is a reprint of a post of one of the leaders of the alt-right. I didn't write it. I don't agree with all of it. I do agree with some of it. I think it is important that it be put out there to be discussed.

Of course it is important that so called conservative have to virtue signal. You should understand something. There are a lot of people who don't want to be in a party with you and Paul Ryan and the rest of the Washington Generals. The break up of the Republican party is upon us.

edutcher said...

Maybe not the breakup, but it will certainly be a hard realignment.

The Whigs will follow Arlen Specter into the ranks of the Demos where, like Kim Philby and his gay rancheros, they will be pensioned off into dachas way out in the boonies where they can't betray anybody ever again.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

A long time ago, I heard George Will on TV say that the genius of Ronald Reagan was putting a smile on the face of conservatism.

Sounded plausible enough to me.

I definitely came around to the conservative side and that smile may well have had a lot to do with it..

edutcher said...

2 headlines off Breitbart that tell you which way the wind appears to be blowing

Paul Ryan Welcomes FBI Decision, ‘Nobody But Herself to Blame’

Nikki Haley: I’m Voting for Donald Trump

Trooper York said...

Oh I think it will be a hard breakup. It doesn't matter if Trump wins because the Republican party will be in for a big breakup. The Never Trumpers will never join in a Trump administration. That Mormon idiot in Utah is a perfect example. Mr. French is another. They will have to form their own party if Trump wins. Or if he loses they will try to expel Trump and all of his voters. But it will not stay the same. Not anymore.

Trooper York said...

The race is tightening as we knew it would. All of the polls that led the Hillary fans to try to sell the nonsense that the election is over meant nothing. As we said at the time. Events take over the snapshot of a poll. The fact that the FBI is reopening the email investigation might be significant. The day by day death of a thousand cuts of Wikileakes is cutting up Hillary.

So lets see what happens. I am still confident that Trump will win and realign the Republican party into a Populist, Nativist party that will worry about Americans first.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I am more far polite to people in person than I am on the internet and I assume that's true for a great many other people as well.

Jim in St Louis said...


You posted it, and did not include any context, or introduction, and NOW you want to tap-dance away and try and pretend that this was only for discussion purposes? Double bullshit. Is this your first day posting on a blog? You know the rules and you know how to attribute and how to cite and how to link.

It certainly smells like your brand of race war mongering, burn it all down style. Maybe you wanted to test the waters again just to see how ugly you could get. Like your jokes- just one little nigger joke and see who laughs.

I ain’t laughing. I don’t have any need to virtue signal to you, or anyone else. So you can cram that lazy theory. How about the simple truth: People who go by skin color are the stupidest folks on the planet. Sometimes they are scared, or hurt, or lazy, but always stupid, and always wrong.

Trooper York said...

You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But I think that a lot of what he said is right. You do wear a uniform. It is the color of your skin. It has been so since the beginning of time. To not recognize it is just stupid. You see the signs of it all the time. Black Lives Matters. The demand for exclusion of whites from college events and groups. The knock out game. An eighty nine year old guy got punched in the face and knocked out at 90th Street yesterday. Did you hear about it? No of course not.

I am not tap dancing away from anything. I am not pretending anything. I post things all the time without explanation for discussion purposes. Just because this pushes your cuck button doesn't make it any different. So speak to the issues raised and stop clutching your pearls.

Personally I don't thing you should ever bring children into it. So I think that must stop. But with that said anything that they do to discredit and frankly destroy Mr. French is something worth doing. He needs to start his own party with Jonah Goldberg and George Will and Megyn Kelly and Paul Ryan and you and whoever else wants to buy into the stock of the Washington Generals.

The split is happening after this election win or lose.

rcocean said...

David French is a pathetic cuck and he deserves all the mockery he gets. He's a typical cuck, always attacking people on the right, always virtue signally, always sucking up to the Left.

He's nothing more than a 1995 liberal pretending to be a conservative.

I'm honestly supposed to believe a Harvard law grad REALLY thinks Trump is morally bankrupt compared to Hillary. Really.

He's an open borders/globalization fanatic. Which is why he supports Hillary.