Monday, October 24, 2016

"Women defend wearing yoga pants in peaceful parade"

Hundreds of women, girls and other supporters proudly donned their yoga pants Sunday as they peacefully paraded around the Rhode Island neighborhood of a man who derided the attire as tacky and ridiculous.

Alan Sorrentino said the response to his letter to the editor, printed in The Barrington Times on Wednesday, has been “vicious” and that he’s received death threats. He maintained the letter was meant to be humorous.

But organizers said even if Sorrentino’s letter was meant to be a joke, the message is clear.

“Women are fed up with the notion that we have to dress for people’s visual pleasure,” said Jamie Burke, parade organizer.

The so-called yoga pants parade wasn’t a protest against Sorrentino specifically but part of a bigger movement against misogyny and men dictating how women should dress, organizers said.

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chickelit said...

I saw the photos... it was a big "movement."

chickelit said...

The only men I know of telling women how to dress are gay guys on TV. So maybe their beef is with them. Or not.

chickelit said...

Please, no one find any photos of Hillary in yoga pants.

Amartel said...

The dude who wrote the letter is gay. He thought he could write a light-hearted letter commenting that women past a certain age and/or weight probably shouldn't be marching around town in skin tight exercise pants. I concur but would expand the criticism to all overweight people and this fashion for super tight clothing, especially skinny jeans, that does not look well on the pudgy. I commented the other day that a lot of people (men and women) that I saw at jury duty were overweight but wearing skintight pants and other skintight apparel. You could see the rolls of fat aching to be free, or at least slightly less constrained. Like so many Michelin men roaming the halls. It looked uncomfortable and unattractive in the extreme.

Patrick said...

Do you want to go to the pants party?

Amartel said...

"Hillary in yoga pants"
Great. I just finished bleaching the image of that naked Hillary statue from last week out of my brain.

Lem said...

I think the yoga pants are meant to hide certain type of unpleasantness.

Truth be told

Lem said...

I propose a truce. Yoga pants and Cargo pants living side by side in perfect harmony.

Lipperman said...

There are three things that always tell the truth:
drunk people,
and yoga pants.

Chip Ahoy said...

I told you about the couple that overtook me on the sidewalk when I bought the stuff for party b for party c and mentioned it to the receptionist inside immediately, a lovely lady, they all are over there, and she spray out her sip of Coca cola all over her countertop when I reported what I just saw. She was vastly amused.

Denver is a surprisingly healthy place comparatively. There are a lot of health-conscious people here, and athletic besides.

But the thing was, that cow's massive butt was fiercely insanely ugly. It wasn't rolls of fat. It was splotches and piles of cottage cheese in there, rolling and moving, alive, as small piles of worms inside her pants their suffering defined by the snug fabric.

Do these pants make me look fat?

No, Dear, they make your ass look like a terrifying 'Return From the Abattoir' Halloween costume.

They were not actually yoga pants. They were much tighter than that. Spandex.

And I'll never erase or recover from that shifting moving image from my impressionable mind. She put it right in front of me. And her skinny husband was dressed for a Dead concert. They are an unusual couple.

Amartel said...

How about:
No yoga pants on women (outside of yoga)
in exchange for
No bike shorts on men (outside of biking)

I don't think it's fair to sacrifice cargo pants.

edutcher said...

How's 'bout loving yourself by not looking like a slob?

Lem said...

Yoga pants are multipurpose.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

If you would look good naked, you would look good in yoga pants.

If you don't look good naked...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

ampersand said...

Ladies, please bring in your fat cans.

Trooper York said...

I think people should wear what they want. Unfortunately sometimes it doesn't look good. I know my fat gut in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts and sandals with white socks is not what people want to see but so what?

It just goes to show you that if it ain't the moolies it's the fanoick's that cause all the fucking problems in the USA.

Let's go back to the 1950's where they shut the fuck up and we didn't have to listen to their bullshit. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trooper York said...

Brought to you by the Alt-Right Committee to Make America Whit....errrr great Again.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I don't know what yoga pants even are. I had to google it. I guess they aren't a thing out in redneck country. Yoga? WTF is that.

What IS a thing is the women wearing jean with a bunch of sparkly decorations on the rear on the pockets of the jeans. Sequin pocket jeans.

Nice except the women wearing them are usually at least a size 22 pant. I mean an ass three ax handles wide. With similar motions in walking as Chip so completely detailed. My husband always makes the remark "Do these sparkles make my ass look gigantic!!???" Usually in a restaurant and the ass in question is on our server. I'm like. SHUSH! do you want her to spit in our food.

We decided that maybe they think the sequins are camouflage. It isn't working though.

ndspinelli said...

I'm secure enough to admit I wore clam diggers when I was 10-12 years old. I believe there are photos and 8mm film.

Trooper York said...

It is interesting to see how people dress in Florida. It is a lot different than New York. Don't get me wrong. There are many many slobby peeps in Brooklyn. But the way they dress in Florida is way different. Because of the heat of course. Sweats seem to be the order of the day. Yoga pants are a big step up.

It is just another thing that Trump would fix if he is President. An executive order to ban camel toe!

AprilApple said...

I live in yoga land. I don't do yoga. It makes me want to hurl. Inner ear stuff.
Yoga pants? don't need em.

(get off my lawn. Grammy April gonna barf)

lol to the ass sparkle story, and cottage cheez-but.

Sixty Grit said...

At work, at least in the summer, la bonne mot, le mot de jour est un pantalon de yoga. I am okay with that.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

People should wear what they want. But don't complain if you look like a fat cow in yoga pants. Hint: It's aint the yoga pants.

Nothing wrong with being a fat cow. Accept it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

It aint the yoga pants.

ndspinelli said...

Evi, I have said many times every day should be like Halloween. Cali is the most laissez faire places I've lived regarding clothes. That's one of the things I like. I wear shorts 300-320 days out of the year.