Saturday, October 29, 2016

flamingo morning

Psych! The sky is flamingo, the birds are geese.

There really weren't any geese, I added them, for we are geeseless around here downtown. Those things are all out farther west in the foothills and east of the city. Except sometimes they follow the Platte and that does run through town. 

Did I ever tell you about the time my crazy excitable German shepherd, always a sport and up for a game, the perfect young teenager's companion, charged a whole flock of Canadian geese, thousands out in the field behind my parents house in the foothills causing the whole flock to launch into flight, a real sight to behold, and the dog gleefully leapt in the air high as he could, another remarkable sight, and pulled one down by its foot? Then he didn't know what to do with it and neither did we. Stupidly we just left it out there and we felt guilty about the whole incident. We were exurbanites not sportsmen hunters. We knew nothing of such things. Shamed, we imagined my dog broke a law governing the interference of migrating Canadian geese. We could probably be fined. We were new to the wilderness out there. 

Man, if that happened now I would say, "Good boy!" Chop off the goose's head, stick its body in hot water, pull off its feathers, gut it, and roast it with the dog right there watching the whole time and then give him a leg to munch. To encourage that extraordinary natural K-9 behavior. And have a fine goose dinner.

Those frozen geese are expensive, you know. 

Today I wish that I would have known the clouds were going to do this. I'd have set up a time lapse. I watched the whole thing develop. Sunrise started out ordinarily. I wasn't expecting a spectacular light and color show. But it was. This is a thing that I cannot say enough We are given spectacular shows twice a day and almost all of us sleep right through them. And if awake, we cannot just slow down and watch. Watch in awe and in wonder. Truly, they are something to live for. 


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Agreed. The world can be a very beautiful place.

Sixty Grit said...

A blue heron flew over my yard last night - it had a big wingspan, so at first I thought it was a turkey vulture, but it was sleek and graceful - hey - heron! How you doin' up there? What a nice thing to see.

ricpic said...

"...We are given spectacular shows twice a day and almost all of us sleep right through them."

People look at the sky but do not see it;
To see anything you must be it:
The miracle-fusion only through action:
No wrestling with the world no traction.