Monday, October 31, 2016

The Southern Poverty and Law Center, what would we ever do without them?

I am born to Muslim parents in a Muslim family. I have a Muslim son. The “Muslim experience” of liberal, reforming and dissenting Muslim and ex-Muslim voices is every bit as valid, every bit as relevant, and every bit as authentic as anyone else that is touched by this debate. We exist. Allow us to speak. Stop erasing our experiences. 
Beyond that, just as one does not need to be brown to discuss racism, one does not need to be Muslim to discuss Islam.
If there was anything we liberals should have learnt from McCarthyism, it is that compiling lists of our political foes is a malevolent, nefarious, and incredibly dangerous thing to do. (...) Denunciations of traitors, heresy and blasphemy are the last resort of diminutive, insecure power-craving fascists of all stripes. Compiling lists is their modus operandi.  
In today’s climate of vigilante violence, far-right and Islamist terrorism, being included on such lists can forever change the lives of any one unlucky enough to be deemed from high above as “anti-Muslim.” Unaccountable—but never mind for they are righteous—leftists are conferring upon themselves the power to irrevocably alter people’s lives at the click of a mouse button, at the expense of we who live this struggle.


Sixty Grit said...

Far right terrorism? Learnt? Who and what is that muzzie writing about?

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Leftwing fascism is real. SPLC - they should be on a terrorist list. They are a radical left wing fascist terrorist outfit.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

If you are compiling lists of enemies of the Republic, the SPLC should be on it.

Actually it is more of a criminal scam, to keep its white leadership in the Plantation Life they have grown accustomed to. Charity work pays well.

ndspinelli said...

You ever see the guy who runs the SPLC? He looks like a mutant alien.

edutcher said...

The Lefties have always been the real blacklisters. It's part of how they rule by terror.

The terror of not being able to get a job, the terror of being driven from public life.

Synova said...

The answer to "where are the Islamic reformers" is "on the SPLC hate list".

The answer to "where are the Islamic feminists" is "being forced to wear head scarves by white American women."

Chip Ahoy said...

I have spoken out repeatedly against Trump’s populism.

How confused. As if populism is a bad thing for a constitutional republic. *puts on stovepipe hat* "Ahem, we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain-that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth." *removes stovepipe hat*

From wikipedia, that font of delivered wisdom by consensus; populism:

A political ideology that holds that virtuous citizens are mistreated by a small circle of elites, who can be overthrown if the people recognize the danger and work together. Populism depicts elites as trampling on the rights, values, and voice of the legitimate people.


"Many observers have noted that populism is inherent to representative democracy; after all, do populists not juxtapose 'the pure people' against 'the corrupt elite'?"


Academic definitions of populism vary, and people have often used the term in loose and inconsistent ways to reference appeals to "the people," demagogy, and "catch-all" politics. The term has also been used as a label for new parties whose classifications are unclear. A factor traditionally held to diminish the value of "populism" as a category has been that, as Margaret Canovan notes in her 1981 study Populism, populists rarely call themselves "populists" and usually reject the term when it is applied to them, differing in that regard from those identified as conservatives or socialists.

That is to say, to disparage government by the people and for the people to favor government by self-appointed elites.

I hear or read somebody using the word populism disparagingly, condescendingly, pejoratively, and I think, oh just fuck off and suck my ... pull my finger, you fucking dope. Begone!

I said,


Trooper York said...

My fondest wish is that when Trump wins he directs his Attorney General to open a RICCO case against SPLC, CAIR, Sharptons National Action Group, the NAACP and Operation PUSH. They should receive the same attention from the Justice Department and the IRS that the Tea Party groups got under Obama.

I hope Trump takes Andrew Jackson as his role model since he was the last real populist President in the United States.

Amartel said...

This poor sod describes himself as "brown, liberal, and Muslim." One can only assume that that's the order of importance in the progressive pecking order as he understands it. Which is not well. He is upset that his brown-ness is not being accorded due respect by the "first world keyboard virtue-signallers." Hey, brown guy, aren't you a first world keyboard virtue signaller, TOO? Rhetorical question. Never mind. When he says "first world keyboard virtue signaller" he means "white people." He thinks that he has some sort of superiority, some special supplemental brown-ness knowledge which immunizes him from criticism. Oh dear! He apparently missed the whole point of progressivism which is to return power back to a massive centralized government. Like in Islam. Like in every shitty fucked up little country that people escape from to come here and then turn around and pretend their motherland was all that. Progressivism is only there to help "victims" so long as it moves the ball down the field toward that goal. Pets and props are discarded once they are no longer useful. Buh bye.

(Wonder why there's no comment section after his article. Hmm.)

Sixty Grit said...

Season 4, episode 1 - Shelley Berman, Carol Wayne and Larry Csonka - bet they didn't make tv shows like that back in that boy's home country. Not 40 years ago, not now. More's the pity, brown liberal muzzie boy.

ampersand said...

Does Molly Norris show up anywhere in SPLC's hate watch list?

* look who's named #1 critic in article under criticism.

Synova said...

" When he says "first world keyboard virtue signaller" he means "white people." "

That's mostly what I mean when I say it. Not that All White People but geez louise there is something about the mental space of defending, from their point of view, the all the pathetic and hopeless not-white people in the world that brings out the viciousness in people... far beyond what you'd do to defend yourself because you get to defend those poor souls with *righteous* fury and hatred.

Or I'll say "upper middle-class white American women" and mean the same thing.

I don't know if this guy is American so I'll give him a little space on his view of right-wing terrorism. And while it's maybe a bit of a personal failing to only notice this witch-hunt aspect when one is subject to it, he's not *wrong*.

In fact there seems to be a few more hard-lefties every day... people, usually older, who really did think that they were "liberal" and that "liberal" virtues such as tolerance and free speech where fundamentally important who simply didn't notice as "liberals" on the left got exchanged for authoritarian Marxists who are about as anti-liberal as you can get.

Amartel said...

He correctly identifies fascism when he sees it in others. Not so much when it blooms in his own little mind.

Amartel said...

And YES, those old people. They've been going along comfortably believing they are the Defenders of the Moral Universe for so long they don't recognize the unrelenting will to power in their politics.

Amartel said...

First world keyboard virtue signallers may be mainly white - hence the need to signal virtue. But the first world keyboard scolders come in all the colors of the rainbow.

Amartel said...

Pets and props are discarded once they are no longer useful. (See, e.g., Venezuela.)

bagoh20 said...

I hear a rumble - maybe a crumble.

Synova said...

It makes a person wonder how many people *wanted* an excuse not to vote for her.

ricpic said...

This person calls himself a reformer. An assertion. But he gives not one specific way in which he would like to or is attempting to reform Islam. Would he reform Islam so that Muslims would accept the rule of SECULAR law, law as we know it in the West? No, he wouldn't because he couldn't. Islam is adamant that it and it alone is the law, in the name of Allah, whose word is ABSOLUTE. Islam is supremacism, period. Which is why it is a pipe dream to believe that Muslims will assimilate or have any intention of assimilating in America, or anywhere else they INVADE. And don't tell me about the nice Muslim shopkeeper you know and do business with. Of course there are nice Muslims, peaceful Muslims, decent Muslims. That's not the point. The "reformer" gives the game away at one point in this article in which he says that the people who fear that inside every Muslim is a jihadist waiting to jump out are BIGOTS. No, they are realists. Unfortunately the COMMAND in Islam that every Muslim spread the faith by jihad, that the infidel be converted or killed and that carrying out that jihad is the only certain way for a Muslim to attain Heaven, that command always has and always will find a responsive audience in Muslims. Enough of a response to have made all the borders of Islam, all the places where it touches the non-Islamic world, always bloody.

But I know that it is futile to say these things, to be a "bigot." We too will have to experience it up close and personal. Then all the nice people who don't want to be called bigot will understand...too late.

Amartel said...

He wants to pick and choose just like the cafeteria Christians and reform Jews
In other words, just like the rest of us.
He wants to be normal while still maintaining his privileged "brown" status.
But that's not allowed when the point of your privileged status is that you're an unreasoning savage who requires submission to a vicious centralized government power and that the rest of us accept that submission and, eventually, submit as well.

Amartel said...

"It makes a person wonder how many people *wanted* an excuse not to vote for her."

Obama's just as guilty as she is - if not more so as the nominal head of the gov - but he'll get away with it because the vapid silly love-struck dumb fucks can't bear to think poorly of him.

bagoh20 said...

"the vapid silly love-struck dumb fucks can't bear to think poorly of him."

Well put, Amartel. You know, that's really it. Even Obama voters I know who see his failure still don't want to blame him personally. It just happened, or was too hard, or bad luck, or whatever. Soft racism.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Even Obama voters I know who see his failure still don't want to blame him personally. It just happened, or was too hard, or bad luck, or whatever. Soft racism.

Good point. Only a RACIST would learn enough about government to notice that a Congress preventing a president from doing anything might be at least as much to blame for whatever didn't happen during his administration.

So, you're a fan of the "unitary executive," Bags? Makes sense. You want a president who will prioritize war, and going to war for no reason, after all. That takes a fairly unrestrained view of executive power.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

I bet if Bags was alive when FDR was president, he would have blamed him for war in Europe and the actions of Hitler.

He probably would have blamed the Union for the Civil War.

Etc., etc.

rcocean said...

Someone in the 1930s said that if fascism ever came to America it would come as "anti-fascism".

I think we reached that point about 20 years ago.

The elites enforce censorship but don't call it censorship. When every major newspaper in the USA -except 1 - endorses Hillary, you might as well be in the USSR and reading Pravda.

Methadras said...

Dude, you are a Muslim. It matter not that you are saying you are a reformed Muslim because in real Muslim terms a reformed Muslim is apostate and worthy of death. Too bad, so sad that you are going to get painted with the brush of extremism because your religion is that extreme. You may be mild mannered and not prone to the insane violence that your religion worships, but other Muslims would find you, drag you out in the street and cut your head off. Do I have to look over my shoulder as a Christian that another member of my religion is going to kill me if I decide that I am not as militant as they are? Nope. Yours? Oh yeah.

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Congress preventing Obama from his economically retarded sh*t - it congress doing its job.

Amartel said...

It's CONGRESS's fault.
Of course.

ndspinelli said...

You can always tell when Ritmo's hemorrhoids are acting up on him.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

I understand how impotent and incompetent you expect a Republican Congress to be, Amartel. But maybe they're actually not as bad as you would have expected. Perhaps if you had been their leader, though.

Amartel said...

Obama can do no wrong.
it's always someone else's fault.
No matter what.

Amartel said...
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