Sunday, October 30, 2016

Huma Abedin has told people she doesn't know how her emails ended up on her estranged husband's computer.

Is it a law or is it policy that Secretary of State use government servers? Curious minds care to know.

Fact check, -- skip

A guide to Clinton's emails -- -- skip

Hillary Clinton's infamous email server --  -- ding This might do.

1) What happened?
a) used multiple private email servers
b) never had .gov email address
c) aides did not preserve emails

2) Why does it matter?
a) over 30,000 emails, 110 contained classified information
b) said that none were classified
c) possible enemies have them
d) Federal Records Act requires certain branches use government servers for government business. unless they are copied and archived. ding ding ding. This is it.
e) evidence other officials violated the Act.
f) Clinton tried to avoid Freedom of Information Act

3) When did it start? Eh, who cares?

4) What tech was used? Who cares?

5) Will she be prosecuted? No. Well, yes. In a way.

6) What can business and IT learn? Irrelevant to our question.

So, there you have it. Her own private server violates Federal Records Act. For whatever that's worth.

Here's the thing Huma Abedin. This is how your emails ended up on your computer. You instructed your computer to get them. In your email client program on your computer you opened an account for each server that Hillary used to communicate with you. Say, if she used Gmail, then you opened an account for Gmail within your computer's mail program, and so on for Hotmail, for Comcast, for Yahoo, and so forth, for her own private server, what have you. You did this for your own convenience at home. Your emails also appeared on your Android phone the same way. By you instructing your phone to get them in the same manner by the same means. You have to tell these machines and devices every little thing. They don't read your mind.

So then, when you separated from Anthony Weiner and stopped checking those emails on that computer then they accumulated in those accounts on the mail program. They don't stop just because you left Anthony and you stopped reading them on that computer. Although they may disappear within a predetermined period of time depending on settings in your computer's mail program. Mine do. Too bad for you that yours did not. Outlook mail client on my PC using Windows did not. They just kept adding up until I physically deleted them, even then they go into another file named "deleted mail." With Outlook if you want them really off the computer then you must delete them twice.

That is, when you separated from Anthony Weiner then it was your duty to cancel those accounts on whatever email client program you were using. The ones you set up yourself. It's easy enough to do. Just open the program, go to accounts and cancel each account on that computer.

But you know all this. Because you did it.

Married people share too much. They share everything. They share joys, dislikes, pet peeves, conversations, humor, feelings and thoughts.

For example, one time I dropped an ice cube on a spotless kitchen floor and in humor whispered to my older brother standing nearby, "Five second rule," patently ridiculous. A little joke just for him. Without hesitation, without even thinking, he automatically, autonomically actually, yelled to his wife in the distance, three full rooms away, large room, through the kitchen, through the informal dining room, through to the den where she was at the end by the fireplace, "HEY, BEVERLY, GUESS WHAT BO JUST SAID. HE DROPPED AN ICE CUBE ON THE FLOOR AND HE SAID FIVE SECOND RULE! HA HA HA HA"

It's not that funny. It's barely amusing. It certainly is not share-worthy. But there you go, married people do that. It's weird. They're like conjoined twins. It's sick.

It's like that. Huma, you did that by sharing your computer carelessly and containing sensitive State information and shared that with an unworthy agency. And you failed to cancel the accounts that you set up yourself for your convenience and when you separated physically from Anthony Weiner. the emails continued to arrive even though you are not there to read them, and reading them elsewhere. They're also accumulated on the servers. That's how the mail accumulated on your / then his computer. Your claim of not knowing how this happened is disingenuous. In short, Huma, you're a dope. And you expecting computer users and smart phone users across the land who all went through this same process to accept your claim of not knowing is insulting. Except to Democrats. They'll still believe you. They're only insulted by things Republicans do that they do themselves. Like talk dirty.


rcommal said...

Chip Ahoy:

It's so much worse than what you just explicated, even given [blessedly! hallelujah!] the framing of the willful stupidity that you just so creatively and effectively did.

rhhardin said...

It's no good just deleting them anyway. That just takes the filename out of the index, but leaves the data itself on the HD with the space awaiting reuse in another file.

Searching the HD itself without regard for whether something's in a file or not will uncover the originals, if they have not been reused.

So you have to overwrite the file and then delete it. Then the data is gone before the filename disappears from the index.

rhhardin said...

And the overwriting has to be done with a binary r+w mode, so that the same space necessarily gets used.

rhhardin said...

Like this (c program, indentation lost in posting)

char *av[];
off_t u;
int i,j,k;
struct stat buf;
FILE *fp;
for(k=1; k<ac; k++) {
for(u=0; u<buf.st_size; u++)fputc(0,fp);
fprintf(stderr,"zerod %s\n",av[k]);

rhhardin said...

Hmm it didn't like some of the characters, but you get the idea.

rhhardin said...

Use that sort of thing if you ever send a HD back to Dell, say for computer repair, to delete all your files.

Or take the HD out and keep it and just send the computer, if you're not returning the whole system for refund.

No point giving all your stuff to the next buyer.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Married couples who grow old together frequently end up looking alike. I am expending effort to make sure that does not happen to me. For example, if my wife and I go to the park to walk the dog, and I think we are too similar in our dress, I will change my clothes or put on a different jacket.

Kind of anal? What can I say. Nobody's perfect. We all have our things.

You want to know what I find a little creepy? Sometimes you go to Home Depot or the mall or something and there's this single mom with her son AND HE LOOKS LIKE A SMALLER VERSION OF HER!

Don't know why that creeps me out but it does. Wouldn't be surprised to find out that Michael Myers has the same aversion and that that was the inspiration for Mini-Me.

Funny thing is, twins don't creep me out at all. Maybe it was those Double-Mint gum commercials on TV when I was at an impressionable age.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

The evolutionary psychology guys speculate that adolescents becoming all restive and rebellious is an adaptation that tends to reduce the incidence of incest. There's also something called the Westerberg Effect (IIRC) by whcih children raised together from infancy grow up to have little in the way of sexual attraction to one another. Again, just say no to incest.

Or maybe Westerberg was that guy in The Replacements.

edutcher said...

"You instructed your computer to get them. In your email client program on your computer you opened an account for each server that Hillary used to communicate with you."

Yeah, that's the thing with machines - they have no will of their own.

They have to be told what to do.

edutcher said...

PS Looks like the FBI office in Troop's neck of the woods is driving this.

Former Assistant Director says expect a November Surprise.

ndspinelli said...

Something happened on the tarmac. FBI friends have told me there is a quiet mutiny going on since July. I think the shit is going to hit the fan.

Sixty Grit said...

Yeah, those brave FIB agents will risk their pensions right after the election.

They work for the government, they are in fact our enemies.

Tell your friends that they might as well put on giant shoes and a red nose - they have officially become clowns.

Some Seppo said...

One thing out of this whole mess I haven't seen pointed out:

Hillary sent her emails to her outside counsel to "vet" them before release(those unsearchable printed copies she handed over). Those emails contained classified material. Her outside counsel did not have security clearance. Thus Hillary violated the U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 37 › § 793, paragraph (d).


ndspinelli said...

Sixty, They're not all clowns. There are many clowns..but not all by any means. I know agents that are smart, hardworking, and honest. And, I know some that are 0 for 3 in those qualities. Reports are some senior agents have resigned in protest. And, this mutiny sparked Comey's actions to shore up the morale.

edutcher said...

ndspinelli said...

Something happened on the tarmac. FBI friends have told me there is a quiet mutiny going on since July.

There's been a lot of talk about a mutiny going on, so I think you've got it.

And, if you're right about the tarmac, it goes up to Willie (that's the perp walk I'd love to see) and probably up to Pissy, since I can't see Lynch not clearing it with him.

Sixty Grit said...

I will take your word for it, Spins, but until I see tangible proof I will remain skeptical that the FBI is anything other than a corrupt cesspit of leftism in action.

edutcher said...

Headline off Gateway

HILLARY CLINTON Loses 11 Points in WaPo ABC News Poll in ONE WEEK.

Even the media is bailing. They must know what it is.

ricpic said...

Assuming this keeps Hillary out of the White House whatever has been discovered on the Huma/Weiner computers will eventually put Obama behind bars. YUUGE is finally not an overstatement.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

With Outlook if you want them really off the computer then you must delete them twice.

Yes. I explain this to my husband weekly and he still can't seem to understand it. Copy and paste is still a mystery as is saving a file in a folder so you can find it again. Grrr. I sucks being the computer tech in this household :-)

However, I digress.....even if you empty the trash folder the files are still on your computer and may be floating around in disembodied bits. The next way to try to eliminate files from your hard drive is to do a de-frag. Or use a program that is meant to eliminate the fragments. It is like a pile of shredded documents in little slivers. Yeah. The page has been shredded but someone could put the slivers back together and come up with a 95% recreated document. Sherlock could do it!!!

Most people are really not computer knowledgeable. They turn the computer or device on and operate it, but they have no real understanding of what is going on. Like driving a car. Turn the key and go with no understanding of how a camshaft works, cylinder compression or anything else. Frankly we don't NEED to know those things about a car because you have mechanics to take care of it. You do NEED to know some of the operating issues on a computer because otherwise your data can be lost or compromised. If you are doing illegal REALLY need to know.

The Clintons, Podesta, Huma and practically everyone else in the political arena are computer dumpkoffs. This is why it is so easy peasy to hack them.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Rhhardin explained it a more correct and technical manner. The deleted files are not gone until they have been written over or a program designed (by much smarter people than me) to do this is used. File shredding programs are available on the net and to buy.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

@ Sixty Yeah, those brave FIB agents will risk their pensions right after the election.

We have a saying in our house when these ex-military and ex-government employees only come out as whistle blowers when they are retired and firmly ensconced in their cushy pensions and medical benefit plans.

Pensions before Principles.

If they were true patriots they wouldn't wait to blow the whistle years after the events are happening. They wait until "they" are safe. Craven cowards.

edutcher said...

oopsy, you nailed it more than you know.

I took a course in computer forensics (fascinating stuff BTW) and you know how a lot of pedophiles and child pornographers get nailed?

They think moving something to the Recycle Bin deletes it.

Sixty Grit said...

I used to call on a Three Letter Agency of renown and the guys there told us that they were able to retrieve information off a disc drive even if it had been cleaned, wiped, zeroed out, and otherwise erased 300 times. There is a basic bit memory in the spin of the magnetic atoms that they were able to detect after even the most thorough of erasures.

Were they pulling my leg? Perhaps. But then again, they said and did a lot of stuff 20-30 years ago that has now come to fruition. They are very clever, that's all I am saying.

Lem said...

In fairness, says JonahNRO, Huma didn't know about a lot of stuff in her husband computer.

😂 lol

rcocean said...

She's a girl, and doesn't know about all that computer stuff.

That's for boys.

rcocean said...

"The Clintons, Podesta, Huma and practically everyone else in the political arena are computer dumpkoffs."

Maybe they were ignorant, or maybe they thought that with the DoJ and FBI in their pocket it didn't matter what they did.

I'll go with the 2nd choice.

rcocean said...

Data retrieval of "erased" files is very sophisticated. Short of HD destruction there are programs used by CIA/FBI/Law Enforcement agencies that can retrieve almost any thing.

edutcher said...

rc, people like that always hand off the tech stuff. They figure they can always fix the ballot boxes the old-fashioned way.

The only way I ever heard you could clean a hard drive for sure was a DoD wipe, but maybe even that's gone by the boards.

ndspinelli said...

I read a funny Tweet. "Weiner is sexting for 5 years and the only one who gets fucked is a fat 69 year old woman."

ndspinelli said...

I just read there are 650K emails on the Wiener computer. I would bet 4 figures they will find emails that had been Bleachbit off the Chappaqua server.

Michael Haz said...

I don't know about you, but several times my computer has accidentally received 650,000 emails from a remote computer. At all hours, night and day. From multiple persons, some of whom say very, very top secret things. And who may correspond with the President of the United States of America when he uses his super-secret non-gov email address.

It's mostly accidental.

Random thought: What if Carlos Danger was the person providing Julian Assange and Wikileaks the DNC and HRC emails? You know he was set to be mayor of NYC until Hillary Clinton flipped her support to deBlasio. That sorta thing makes a man angry.

Sixty Grit said...

Revenge, best served cold and all, but Carlos has to reside among the living to tell his tale. Can he do that? Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of "How The West Was Lost".

ndspinelli said...

Carlos Danger is more scared than angry. He's facing serious Federal time. He could be easily flipped by the FBI. If I were him I would invest a few hundred dollars in a remote car starter. Wait, NYC people don't drive.

ndspinelli said...

Maybe a food tester. I watched the Weiner doc. Why the fuck do Jews eat like pigs? There was a scene of him eating a sandwich like a pig. Jerry Seinfeld and Bob Einstein, Albert Brooks brother, had a good conversation on Jews eating like pigs[ironic since they don't eat pig meat] on Comedians in Cars.

rhhardin said...

The reason that they don't wipe the file when you delete it is that it would take a long time, where all that's logically needed is to remove the name from the directory and make its blocks marked free for reuse, a couple of writes, very fast to do.